Corentyne businessman, two others remanded over ‘staged’ robbery

Krishendatt Jetto
Krishendatt Jetto

[] – The Corentyne husband, who confessed to investigators that he staged a robbery at his Crabwood Creek home in order to resolve issues with his wife, has been charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and robbery under arms. Two of his accomplices were also jointly charged with robbery under arms.

Krishendatt Jetto, 42, a businessman, of Lot 26 Grant 2757, Crabwood Creek; Matthew Ganga Persaud, also know as Abel, 24, Hire Car Driver of #77 Housing Scheme and Satram Kushley, 21, a Cane Harvester of 470 Port Mourant, Corentyne Berbice, all appeared before Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh in the Springlands Magistrate’s Court on Friday, September 11 and were remanded on the charges.

According to the charge, the accused on September 06, 2015, armed with a gun, robbed Tejkumarie Jettoo of a quantity of gold jewellery valued at $790,000; a quantity of diamond jewellery valued at $590,000, US$19,000, and $1 Million in local currency; a total of $6,180,000 Guyana Currency.

Satram Kushley
Satram Kushley

They were represented by Attorney-at-Law Krishendatt Persaud who made an application for bail. Persaud said his clients are not a flight risk and are all fathers. He also asked the court to grant bail in a substantial amount.

Police Prosecutor Inspector, Godfrey Playter, objected to bail on the grounds that a gun was used to carry out the attack and that Tejkumarie Jettoo was severely injured. He also stated that if bail should be granted they might not return to court for a trial.

Bail was refused and they are to make their next court appearance on September 28.

Matthew Ganga Persaud
Matthew Ganga Persaud

Police investigations revealed that the husband had hired two men to stage a robbery at his home; he planned the attack for the men to beat him and his wife so that she would be afraid and not leave their rocky marriage.

Police were able to crack the case after surveillance footage from the house showed the car that was used in the robbery belonged to a car rental service in the area. They then took the driver of the vehicle into custody and he related what occurred. The Jetoo couple was beaten and tied up by the men hired by her husband.



  1. To the racist finger pointers sorry to disappoint you a certain ethnic group is not responsible for these criminals and their sleezy activities. Hope you realize the stupidity of racial profiling. Crime and criminality have nothing to do with race. Lets hear from you PLEASE.!!!


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