Corentyne businessman shot dead


crime[] – Forty – one – year old Rampersaud Shivcharran was pronounced dead on arrival at the Port Mourant Hospital on Sunday, June 28 after he was shot.

According to the police, at about 19:00hrs, Shivcharran, of Port Mourant, Corentyne was in his shop when two men armed with firearms entered the premises.

The men approached the businessman and a scuffle ensued during which he was shot to his chest and the gunmen escaped. He was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Investigations are in progress.



  1. Is this what life in Guyana has become. Must our citizens live with this on a daily basis? These crimes seem to be routine everyday occurrences. This is beginning to look like a total breakdown where law and order is of no concern. The police seem to be doing a better job recently but still out numbered and out maneuvered by the criminals.This sutuation cannot be allowed to continue where commiting crime becomes routine.


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