Cop injured as police car crashes on EBD roadway

The wrecked car following the accident. [iNews' Photo]

By Leroy Smith ​

The wrecked car following the accident. [iNews' Photo]
The wrecked car following the accident. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Up to late last evening (Friday, August 28), the doctors at the Diamond Hospital were making arrangements to have an injured police constable transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for advanced medical attention.

This is after the police rank, who was driving a service car, crashed into a pile of sand along the roadway at Timehri, East Bank Demerara (EBD) causing the vehicle to topple several times.

iNews understands that the police rank was not wearing his seat-belt at the time of the accident and received several lacerations to the head and other parts of the body as the airbag in the vehicle activated upon impact.

He was later identified as Constable Griffith, who is stationed at the Madewini Police Outpost. It is unclear what duties the rank was heading to or returning from at the time of the accident.

Residents flocked to the scene and assisted in getting the injured rank out of the badly damaged police car.



  1. My friend for your information, police men on duty are not required by law to wear seat belts. We should be angry with the people who are dumping sand and building material est.. on our roadways and more so on our highways. The authorities need to get after householders who are involved in such dangerous practices. Added to this is the many vehicles that are dumped on the road corner and left there for years. They stuff is most dangerous; just waiting for another accident to happen. My other concern is the many Taxi Services that use our parapets and roadways for their taxi base. In the days when we had respect for the law, Taxi Services had their Garages off the road. Their taxis were kept in the garages and not encumbering our already narrow carriage ways. One I hope final observation, Are you aware that containers are legally banned from the city. In the past, I know you may be saying I am stuck in the past, that is ok, then we had order. Regent street and other business areas are lined with the containers that are further crowding our congested streets. Parking is already an annoying problem, and these containers and store owners with their illegal barriers on the road that further exacerbate the confusion

  2. ha…the police are charging us if we speed and they are breaking the rules of the road. I bet if was driving slow he would have been safe and not wearing seat belts double trouble.

  3. In Guyana, what is RIGHT is WRONG and what is WRONG is RIGHT. So dumping sand, builders waste etc. on streets and roadways, is OK as far as so many people are concerned. And what do those in authority do – absolutely NOTHING, because in so many instances, the guilty ones have “connections” in high places and know that they are UNTOUCHABLE; well, there has been a CHANGE in administration since May 2015 – let’s see if the dumping of sand and other items on streets and roads will continue as before. RIGHT must now be RIGHT, and WRONG be WRONG.

  4. Yep it is time to continuing wasting the tax payers monies. Let’s see the Force fabricate the reason while he was out and wrecked the State’s vehicle.


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