Construction of Gas Station results in damage to Charity River Defense Dam; Residents fearful of flooding

The wharf under construction at Charity.
The wharf under construction at Charity.

[] – Several sections of the Charity River defense dam have caved in causing residents in the area to express fears for their livelihood.

According to reports, the dam is under serious threat of disappearing into the Pomeroon River because of the construction of a huge concrete wharf near the dam.

Region Two Chairman Parmanand Persaud, who visited the area and inspected the road where the slippage is taking place said he has received numerous complaints from residents in the area about the matter.

Persaud said he has informed the Ministry of Public Works and sent letters to the various agencies to get advice on the issue but has not received a response or any advice on the way forward.

The Chairman said residents of the area told him that the main cause of the slippage is because a businessman is constructing a huge concrete wharf and a gas station at the edge of the river near the dam.The heavy whaft under water near the Charity river defense dam.

The Chairman said the Regional Administration does not have much control of the river defense dam because it comes under the control of the Ministry of Public Works and Communication Sea Defense Department.

He said permission was given for the construction of the wharf and the Regional Administration was left out of the decision.The Chairman is now calling for an investigation to be launched as to how permission was given for the construction of such a heavy structure near to the dam.

Residents said the dam is quickly slipping into the river and they are very fearful that the entire area will be flooded during high tides.



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