Commercial sex workers to identify suspected arsonists



By Leroy Smith

Fire 2[] – Sources close to the investigation into the burning of a building at Robb and King Streets in Georgetown on Monday morning, which resulted in the death of two children, have confirmed that several persons including commercial sex workers are to assist the police in their probe.

iNews was told that commercial sex workers who were in the vicinity plying their trade when the fire started, will be able to confirm if the two persons arrested by the police are indeed the same men they saw at the building on Monday.

One of the men in custody is said to be from North Road and the police are looking to ascertain if they are in any way connected to the dead children and their father, who managed to survive the blaze by jumping through a window.

The police were able to retrieve video footage from nearby buildings. The building housed a number of small businesses and the family lived upstairs.

They children have been identified as Clarissa Rozario, 15 years, and Theresa Rozario, 11 years. iNews understands that the building is owned by former Minister of Home Affairs under the PNC Government, Jeffrey Thomas.




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