Cocaine laced SSS Tonic: Suspect released from Police Custody; Two more persons being sought



By Kurt Campbell

Dead: Simone Pryce and Alex Blair.
Dead: Simone Pryce and Alex Blair.

[] – Police have released the suspect who was arrested on Sunday, May 4 in connection with the cocaine laced ‘SSS’ tonic which killed four persons, including a child and left another hospitalized.

Speaking to iNews earlier today (Monday, May 05) Crime Chief Leslie James said police are making inroads in the ongoing investigations. He informed that two other persons are being sought by police in connection to the crime.

The four persons who died after they drank SSS tonic, which was allegedly laced with cocaine are six – year – old Jahaquel Blair, his parents 42 – year – old Alex Blair, his wife Simone Pryce and a neighbor, 36 – year – old Natasha George.

Meanwhile, Jamal Waterman, 12 years, who had also drank some of the liquid, has been admitted to the GPHC and is receiving medical treatment.

Six – year – old Jahaquel Blair and Jamal Waterman
Six – year – old Jahaquel Blair and Jamal Waterman

Police have since confirmed that the bottle of SSS Tonic had cocaine dissolved inside, along with cassareep and chicken foot had been left at the house by a man known to them for a female guest from overseas to take back to the United States.

As such, the tonic was left in the house and all five persons drank it on Sunday morning, after which they collapsed.



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