City Teacher goes missing after basketball game

Dead: Nyozi Goodman


By Kurt Campbell

[] – The relatives of 34 – year – old Nyozi Goodman is searching for answers after she went missing, seemingly without a trace, following a basketball game at the National

Missing: Nyozi Goodman
Missing: Nyozi Goodman

Gymnasium on Sunday (July 6).

The woman who has been a teacher for almost a decade and presently teaches Geography and Social Studies at the Saint Stanislaus College had reportedly gone to accompany another teacher and students from her school.

According to her brother, Nestor Thompson following the game, she told the students to go ahead since someone will pick her up to drop her home, but that was the last anyone would see of the woman.

No one saw who picked her up or where she went and calls to her phone have all gone unanswered.

Checks at her William Street Kitty residents also came up empty handed.

Thompson said he last spoke to his sister Sunday afternoon and is now worried and concerned. He said while he has no clue what happened to the woman, he fears the worst.

The single woman is said to be five feet, five inches tall and dark brown in complexion.Goodman 2

Anyone with information about the woman’s whereabouts could contact her brother on 6924526 or the nearest police station.



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