Charity mother cries for help following alleged beating from teenaged daughter



The elderly woman, Bibi Neisha Khan is accusing her daughter of beating her.
The elderly woman, Bibi Neisha Khan displays the “enamel bowl” which she accused her  daughter of using to beating her.

[] – A 51- year – old mother, Bibi Neisha Khan of Charity Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast is accusing her 18 – year – old daughter of beating her with an “enamel bowl” on Sunday, April 13.

The elderly woman told iNews ( that her only child took the bowl and hit her several times in her head, face and abdomen. The woman is alleging that her daughter is always in the habit of cursing her.

Ms. Khan burst into tears while relating her story as she noted that she worked hard to take care of her daughter and could have never imagined that her little girl would do such a thing. 

Asked if she reported the matter to the Police at Charity, Ms. Khan accused the authorities of not paying any attention to her. She said her husband also deserted her several months ago. The sickly woman is calling for help and assistance.


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