Cane Harvester robbed, beaten by ‘bicycle bandits’


Crime scene[] – Bicycle bandits in Rose Hall Town, Berbice have left a Chesney Corentyne Cane Harvester with a fractured hand after being attacked and robbed through an alley way in the town.

Fifty – three – year old Seenarine Kalimuldon is currently a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital. Information reaching iNews revealed that at around 18:45 hrs on October 26, the man was about to purchase phone cards when he noticed two young boys on bicycles tracing him.

Kalimuldon reportedly took a detour through an alley in an effort to escape, but the men followed and cornered him. At that time, the bandits picked up a piece of wood and hit him. Unable to the defend himself, he was robbed of his cellular phone, his bicycle and some cash, amounting to some $60,000.

The bandits, who are said to be young citizens, dealt him more blows as he tried to escape. The perpetrators escaped and Kalimuldon was able to seek medical attention.

He said he made a report to the Rose Hall Town Police outpost, but no official statement was taken as he went to receive medical treatment.




  1. Mooron back track to India New Delhi not New York,,,you fed up now,23 yrs you were thief up,you better learn the jail house rock,,,,,

  2. Madam
    U still in apnc trans ..wake up …slap u self .see wa u fail gov doing to Guyana .stop being a fool and be real ..bandit got
    More right than then people …ur install dictators are failure .to Guyana

  3. Mr see narine ..hope u do the right thing and take ur lixk..and hope u didn’t hurt the bandit …cause the apnc will jail u ..

  4. Dk stop blaming everyone but yourself, its failure to join the armed forces and failure to protect your own is the reason you are bitching. Instead of hiding behind a MOUSE be a man and join a policing group or the police force and do something, your bitching and failure to act responsibly is the reason Guyanese and yourself suffering from the bullies ( CRIMINALS) ever day, In 92 you all were called upon to join the force Dr JAGAN beg you cowards and after 23 years you ppl still want the very nation you hate to protect you,,,you all were given all different caliber weapons to protect yourself but the weapons are taken away from you, I said it before failure to yourself is not the failure of the Government, crime will continue because easy victims are there to feed on,,Sad but true,,,crime is going to get worse in GT,the DIRTY MONEY not circling,Drugs not moving as FREELY as the last 23 yrs,the guns and dogs that work for the drug bosses are hitting the streets,them cockroach (DRUG DEALERS) have to live big,,,

  5. Cane Harvester robbed, beaten by ‘bicycle bandits’
    The newly installed president of Guyana give bandits that authority to beat to rob to main to disfigure when they like and to whom they like. Fully armed bandits carry out a 9m dollar robbery with their gig guns and got community service hours as their sentence what is this telling the Guyanese working class? Work hard and save if for gun totting bandits it’s only a matter of time before they come for it.


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