Businessman without soul-mate fumes at dating service


By Leroy Smith

[] – Each day persons look at all the means possible to attract that special someone to share intimacy and in some cases exchange vows. However, an East Bank Demerara businessman who thought it best to employ the conventional approach of finding a soul-mate realized he was scoring blanks.

satingOn Thursday, the lonely and upset businessman related that he first made contact with the CFI Telephone Friendship Link which is listed under the pen pal section of the Guyana Chronicle Newspaper Classified Ads. iNews was informed that the ad has been running in the classified section of that newspaper for almost five years now.

Speaking with iNews, the businessman who asked that his name and photograph be withheld said that he first contacted the dating service Tuesday via one of their many local numbers listed in the advert.

According to him, he was given the guidelines of how the system works and how he pays for the service. The man said that he visited a money transfer agency to remit the fees for the service. The fee is just over $6,000.

The company then forwarded him close to a dozen telephone numbers via text message.

With excitement, the man set about calling the numbers, but each call he made sank him deeper into frustration and a sense of loneliness.

According to him, the persons he communicated with all had stories for him but none seemed to be the stories he wanted to hear since they did not address his quest of finding a soul-mate.

Some of the persons informed him that they are no longer interested in finding a soul-mate; some have since found their soul-mate and married and requested that their names be taken off the list.

When contacted for a comment, a representative of the dating company related that he is unaware of people requesting their names and number be removed from the database.

The representative also refused to give a contact number for the owner of the service stating that it would be better for the owner to make contact with the reporter instead.

Meanwhile, the businessman is of the view that the dating service is so ineffective that persons no longer exhibit an interest in its service. He said that what the service is in fact doing is retaining the numbers for old clients who would have joined the service four and three years ago and passing those same numbers onto new applicants.




  1. It is becoming tiresome to read the BS Guyana and Guyanese are indulging in, while the REAL issues are being put on hold. Why are you even reporting this crap?


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