Businessman fined for illegally leaving Guyana, using fake passport

Naipaul Basdeoram. [iNews' Photo]

Naipaul Basdeoram. [iNews' Photo]
Naipaul Basdeoram. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Twenty – five – year old Naipaul Basdeoram of Lot 03 Railway Embankment, Good Hope East Coast Demerara was placed before Magistrate Fabayo Azore,charged with receiving stolen property and the illegal departure from the shores of Guyana.

It is alleged that between October 05, 2014 and July 15, 2015 at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara, he received one Guyana Passport in favour of Michael Yagram knowing same to be stolen or unlawfully obtained.

It is also alleged that on August 26, 2015, he left the shores of Guyana illegally, by way of Springlands, Berbice, which is not a Port of entry/departure en route to Suriname.

He pleaded guilty to both offenses. The Attorney for the accused explained that his client is a businessman and does not pose a flight risk.

His Lawyer said that although his client has another pending matter at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court for the offense of unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition, he has never once missed a court date appearance.

According to the Lawyer, Basdeoram is remorseful for leaving Guyana the way he did. As such, Magistrate Azore fined Basdeoram $30,000; failure to pay the fine will result in 6 months imprisonment.



  1. For the very same offence an 18 year old from NA was sent to prison for 6 months. She left Guyana for Surinam without a passport. What is wrong with this picture? Or what is wrong with Guysna,? Isn’t there a uniform sentence structure in place. How could this be possible. Are we to believe sentences are handed down based on what day it is or the side of the bed the magistrate got up on. Or are those whimsical decisions based on who is in the dock and the size of their bank accounts. If this glaring travesty of justice is allowed to continue in Guyana we are planting the seeds for serious social upheaval in our country’s future. If a uniform sentencing code is not in place then the time is now for this to happen. We cannot allow magistrates to give cocaine dealers a slap on the risk monetary sentence and send poor males and females to prison for a joint or some seeds on their person or for being in possession of some bull shit drug paraphernalia.or for going to Surinam without a passport.One wonders are there two sets of laws for the criminal rich and the downtrodden poor?

  2. But you send a young person caught with a few ounces of herb or seeds to prison for three months or more. Justice is supposed to be tempered with mercy but that mercy is only applied to the well healed connected and rich. GUYANA NEEDS A REDO.


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