Burger King, latest fast food franchise to open in Guyana

Customers enjoying the food at Burger King

Burger King, the latest fast food franchise to be welcomed in Guyana, officially opened its doors to the public on Monday evening at Camp and Regent Street, Georgetown.

Members of the Corum Group with officials at the opening of the first Burger King outlet in Guyana

The world-renowned franchise was brought here by the Corum Group, comprising a team of young entrepreneurs.

“I’m doubly pleased that this initiative has come from this group of young Guyanese who, in spite of the odds, survived the doubts of the naysayers, put their money where their proverbial mouth is, and invested in our country’s development,” Finance Minister Winston Jordan told those attending the launching ceremony.

“Guyana is open for business. We will stand with any investor who is committed to the growth and development of this country that we call home. We will hold the hands of any citizen who is willing to work, to unlock the potential that has been bandied about. We will partner with you to weather the challenges that may arise in the quest to make Guyana a better country,” the Finance Minister emphasised.

Managing Director of the Corum Group, Clairmont Cummings explained that the franchise would create 300 jobs. He added that the Group was confident it would serve Guyanese patrons with a “high-quality, fresh, diverse, affordable and all-around attractive menu and dining experience”.

Customers enjoying the food at Burger King

Burger King’s Director for Central and South America, Patrick Coelho, said he was proud to see the brand being introduced.

“I’m confident that we have the right partners representing the brands here in Guyana. We have the right locations and more importantly, we have the right mindset to make this extremely successful,” he added.

The United States Deputy Chief of Mission, Terry Steers-Gonzalez, noted that an American company investing in Guyana “is a vote of confidence” in the country’s strong business climate and economy.

“It is a foremost priority of this Mission to encourage economic prosperity that is mutually beneficial for both countries: economic prosperity for Guyana and economic prosperity for the United States,” he said.

Burger King is an international food icon with 15,000 stores across the globe. The Corum Group, which holds the Pizza Hut franchise, plans to establish six Burger King outlets across the country.



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