Woman killed execution style in presence of daughter

Patsy Senansie (right), her husband (center) and her brother.


By Fareeza Haniff

Patsy Senansie (right), her husband (center) and her brother.
Patsy Senansie (right), her husband (center) and her brother.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The wife of city businessman, Deonarine Sanasie known as ‘Monkey Ram’ was gunned down execution style on Monday evening (January 12) in the presence of one of her three daughters at the Atlantic Gardens, East Coast of Demerara residence.

iNews understands that Patsy Sanasie was shot several times in front her residence by a lone gunman. Eyewitnesses reported that a “big built gunman” exited from a sliver colored Raum and discharged four shots at the woman while she attempted to open her gate seconds after arriving home.

Persons who witnessed the ordeal said that the shooting lasted less than ten seconds. She was rushed to the Georgetown Hospital where doctors pronounced her dead on arrival.

On February 14, 2014, the mother of three was taken into police custody after news surfaced that she allegedly paid to have her husband executed.

The couple has been married for several years and the man was shot several times about the body in February while imbibing opposite his business – Ram’s Auto Spares – located at Fourth and Light Streets, Alberttown.

Reports indicate that two men riding a CG motorcycle approached the spot when one opened fire at the businessman.

He was rushed to the Balwant Singh Hospital. The dead woman’s brother, Vishnu Persaud was also taken into police custody for the man’s alleged attempted execution.




  1. Well said, but this is just anther example of the lawless state the country is in,,second its SAD how Families are caught up in the such hate and greed, only GOD can help

  2. The public is not safe even at home what the police doing to stop those crimes if u break one triffice rules the police is harassing the driver so much why The can do the same to criminals

  3. We are too small a nation to be having so many Guns on the streets. It is time the Gov. and Police with help from the Army take this situation into hands. Stop the inflow of guns have a buy back program jail those who are smuggling them in or reselling them with out favor, and every so often do road blocks village checks etc. If not soon their will be no one left.


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