Government Minister accused of threatening to kill Kaieteur News’ Publisher/Staff

Glenn Lall breaks down in tears while speaking to reporters, today, Monday, October 27.


By Kurt Campbell

Glenn Lall breaks down in tears while speaking to reporters, today, Monday, October 27.
Glenn Lall breaks down in tears while speaking to reporters, today, Monday, October 27.

[] –Amid tears, Kaieteur News’ Publisher, Glenn Lall scrambled to explain how fearful he is for his life and that of his family along with his employees following what he has interpreted to be violent threats made against him allegedly by Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall.

Lall had just exited the Police Commissioner’s Office at Eve Leary, Georgetown where he handed over to Deputy Commissioner Balram Persaud a package which contained a diskette of an interview between a senior Kaieteur News Journalist and Nandlall where the threats were allegedly made.

A voice purporting to be that of the Attorney General could be heard on the almost 20 minutes recording saying among other things: “I told Adam [Adam Harris, Editor, Kaieteur News] everybody don’t have a newspaper to use as a weapon, I told Adam people got weapons. If they continue to attack people like this and they [people] have no way of responding, they will just walk with their weapon into that same F**king Saffon Street office and wah come shall do.”

Though refusing to comment on the matter, Lall assured that he has already taken measures to improve his security.

The voice on the recording, supposedly that of the AG went on to say: “innocent people got to pay for f**king Paul… I tell you honestly, man to man, that will happen so the quicker you get out of there, the better for you.”

The voice allegedly that of the AG also noted: “there is a simpler way of dealing with this situation you know, I tell Glenn already. He knows I have capacity and I know his. I don’t have to go Court every day and issue press statements, I don’t have to resort to those methods…there are far more effective measures to which I can resort.”Glenn 1 copy

Lall explained in a statement that he has been receiving a number of phone calls where he was cautioned to be careful in his daily movement. He said one caller went as far as to tell him that there is a plot to “shoot up your building and make it look like a robbery.”

He said he was again informed that a plot to execute him had been hatched by senior government functionaries and that people had already been approached to carry out the dastardly act.

The voice alleged to be that of Nandlall also said to the reporter: “My advice to you is to move out of there, it’s a dangerous f**king place to work…I am telling you, read between the lines.”

He said on Saturday last all of the threats seemed to have been vindicated by a conversation between the AG and his Senior Reporter.

“The utterances are disturbing to say the least. I am very concerned because it came from high quarters… based on the recording I there is a criminal conspiracy which should be investigated,” Lall told the media.

Meanwhile, Lall’s Attorney, Khemraj Ramjattan has described the threats as “state terrorism” which he says comes with a history.

“It is clear from the tape that the destruction of Kaieteur News and its proprietor has heightened to level where the state wants to do destruction to a dissidentand a very famous one in Guyana.”

When contacted by iNews, Nandlall neither denied nor admitted that the conversation did occur. He said he wanted to listen to the recording before offering any comments.

The full recording can be found here:





  1. Stupidy its time u cremate ur ideas on sun chapman. Blacks are looking to blame this onindians.Why don’t u research and educate urself and ur brethren. put this release out, But u may be too stupidy to understand.The Son Chapman was a vessel that sank just after 4 pm at Hurudaia, which is up the Demerara River (about 16 miles from Linden) on July 6, 1964, due to explosions. Forty-three people, all Negroes, died. As with much of Guyanese history, this story is another mystery. According to the PNC, the launch was bombed by PPP agents in retaliation of the Wismar massacre that took place on May 25-26 of 1964. This, apparently, started after a Black couple was murdered in Buxton, apparently by PPP Indian supporters. However, the PPP has denied sending any agents on to the Son Chapman. Further, the PNC has never promoted this view nor attempted to prove it under their 28 years in government.

    This alone points, almost logiclally, that someone other than the PPP were responsible. It is very interesting, the position taken by ex-PNC frontman (at that time General Secretary of the PNC), now Mayor of Georgetown, Mr. Hamilton Green. In June 2003, he claimed that Son Chapman explosion occurred before the Wismar massacre. But, despite him being a well-read individual on Guyanese history, this could not be because the lauch sunk after the Wismar tragedy. Of course, Indians who had returned to Wismar despite what had happened two months before, were attacked again.

    But, more interest is the letter below (by A. Nedd) which appeared in the Chronicle on June 6, 2003, refuting Green’s claims (appeared a few days earlier in same paper) on the Son Chapman. Acording to Mr. Nedd, who had links to the PNC activists at that time and who seems to have been one himself, it was the PNC who caused the explosion since it was the PNC who were transporting detonators up to Wismar for use by PNC operative. Mr. Green did not respond to this letter, an unusual detour from a debate for the mayor. As someone who was in charge of much of the political violence that emanated from the PNC during the sixties, Mr. Green should begin to speak about what really happened or, what he really knows about the PNC role in the entire Son Chapman history. The Guyanese people, especially the people of Linden, the relatives of the those murdered, need to know the truth.

    It is also suspecious, this claim of Green, given the rumor that was circulating in Wismar about explosives being placed on the launch; something which is touched upon by the son of one of the victims (see letter by Donald Gentle); “She was the woman whose father pleaded with her not to travel with the Son Chapman on that particular day because he had heard rumours of a bomb being placed on the launch.” And to this, one can add the excerpts from Dr. Cheddi Jagan on the subject, writing to the Minister of Home Affairs:


    I Hold the PNC Resposnible for Sun Chapman Demise

    In a recent article (GC, June 4th , 2003) Mayor Hamilton Green stated that the “Sun Chapman”, a river launch owned and operated by Norman Yacoob Chapman, was blown out of the water at Hurudaia, near Wismar, on July 6, 1964, and that this incident led to the Pogrom against Indo-Guyanese living in Wismar.

    What Mayor Green failed to state, and I know that he knows the true Story as he was intimately associated with the UF-PNC’s campaign of destabilization in 1962, 1963 and 1964, was that the explosion was caused by the accidental explosion of a number of detonators that were carelessly stored near the heated engine room of the “Sun Chapman”. These detonators, as the good Mayor must undoubtedly remember, were bound for PNC operatives in the Mackenzie-Wismar-Christianburg area for use in X-13 operations against perceived PPP supporters.

    I know all of this because while I was employed at DEMBA in Mackenzie I had many close relatives who were active PNC members and operatives in the area and, as a result of intelligence supplied by them, I knew that the detonators were coming down on the “Sun Chapman”. Following the incident it was reported to Dr. Jagan that the explosion of the “Sun Chapman” was caused by accidental detonation rather than by any act of sabotage.

    To this day I hold the PNC responsible for the deaths of those
    Afro-Guyanese aboard the “Sun Chapman”.

    Yours sincerely,
    A. Nedd
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Including the disrespectful remarks about the young reporter? Be careful how you support wholeheartedly.

  3. Exactly. He is playing a political game with potential dangerous effects. Where in the world would any functioning Government allowed themselves to be dishonestly smeared over and over and not lay criminal charges. Glen realize he’s in serious trouble and set out to lay a trap. I must say his acting skills are commendable given the amount of people who believe him but then again they’re deeply partisan.

  4. What history book did you read that in? PNC propaganda is not history. You need to stop being brainwashed.

  5. Where sir in my comment did i tag you as a pnc.three 3 things i don’t and will not argue with or about Race,religion or politics.What’s done cannot be undone .I was just refering to your comment.(Indians were the first to start the camaderie in the 60’s) and i replied by saying it was started by negroes at Tain,Berbice.

  6. Its a shame to have any person in such high places acting in a manner like a rum shop bum, he is AG he should not even be saying he went to QC ,,but is nothing strange look at the class of people running the country,

  7. Mr. Lakash you seem to be a smart guy, why use a derogative word as Negros. I grew up not far from your area and they burned my Family home in Bagotville. a lot of sabotage was done to blame the then leading party but all in all this is not going to stop racism or help our land forward. We as a people need to find common ground and make Guyana the Country it can be. Do you know while they were fighting back in those days Cheddie and Burnham use to meet and socialize behind close doors. The people are just pawns in a Much bigger chess game name politics.

  8. Grow up let us reason and stop the name calling where by we can be of some moral insight to those who read. Why would you suggest I am PNC etc. The major problem with our society is that we believe more what we hear than know by way of facts. and It you are so intent to be rude at least get your spelling right.

  9. Lakash Warnauth —- U cant teach a PNC brain washed dunce anything…look at the name- gd hoyte….the gd stands for godie like over swell seeds…that was how Bunum had them…they will never talk about who bun down the Indian business places in Water St..who loot..

  10. gd hoyte I don t know where you get your information from,but let me tell you this.It was the pnc that started it at tain where the majority was negroes.and they started to burn and loot the few indians,Same at Wismar.I grew up in Canal Num.1 an indian dominated area where there were 3 negroe family living and we used to protect them from those indian hoodlums coming from Leonora and other parts of west coast.

  11. Glen Lall progressed from being a whiner to a cry baby. After being ignored by Jagdeo for years he turned to Mr Nandalall. He likes a controversy because it gets him attention, but seeing a big man cry for something this silly is a sad state of affairs. This guy Lall became rich under the PPP/C, his columnist, one Kissoon was able to own a house under a PPP/C Government, something he couldn’t even dream of before. These guys are on a daily campaign against the development of Guyana.

    The Kaieteur News has become the official organ of the PNC, with its editor Adam Harris, the chief propagandist under the illegal Burnham regime, continuing his work using Glen Lall’s money and resources. The PNC squandered and blew their own facilities decades ago. The “New Nation” is history.

    If indeed it was the AG’s voice on the recording I support everything he said beacuse it was just a casual “no holds bar”conversation with two big men. The KN is simply desperate in their search for anything against the government.

    If you engage a Kshatriya you will not be ignored, like Jagdeo is doing/did.

  12. Some persons are so blinded by arrogance and ignorance that they cannot think and reason for themselves. What a sad situation to be in. Guyanese need to get the facts straight and think/reason for themselves…very sad…do not allow yourself to be sucked in a vacuum. Your brains will forever be clogged and you will never be able to be yourself…What a sad situation to be in… so saaaaaad

  13. Read your history and follow the political trend it was the ppp who cause 90% of a disruptive and burning downs rice field, sugar field, bombing the school kids, Bagotville etc. under the PNC

  14. The press is doing there job. And there job is to report the news. So why bring up old time things that happened 50 Years ago is crazy.. its funny guyanese people always with this PNC vs PPP. Both party’s mess up the bread basket of the Caribbean, So drops the act. And a next thing I does see nuff people who brainwash all over Guyana. We need to stop this race thing and move on cause at the end of the day white men of power look at us as lesser then them anyway.. move on or get left behind

  15. that crocadile tears, he didnt frighten them chinese bury he alive in region one climbing on the ppl truck.. why he crying now? he and he lieteur want bunning down.. nah shoot h im minister.. just turn it in ashes like the pnc turn the indian homes in linden to ashes..

  16. all dem who does get ketch and about to go to jail does cry like lil gyals..
    remeber how sharma does cryand get heart attack every time he court case com up..mooklall only crying because de heat on he now…if de US kecth wind of he property sales in US then look out…he done..what guyana failed to do him the US would not hesitate..the mookster better look after all he business the proper way insde US hahah

  17. Emile you buy this shit hook line sinker eh..
    Glen Lall crying for one single reason…He got caught…He evaded tax and threaten the GRA boss to treat him as a common thief…and what do you do to common thief..u kill them and its not the law business..Mooklal feeling de heat from Guyana Times who are not afraid of Mooklall…
    Emile u recall the shoot up of KN press workers?
    U recall Mooklall telling the media if is he they want let dem come after he and kil he and he ent fraid of dem..
    Y U think Mooklall crying now…
    GuyanaTimes report Mooklall kill a man in cold blood and the lawnever touch him…
    U now seeing why he threatened GRA boss to treat him like a common criminal?
    Only the gulible and down right stupid would fall for Mooklall crackadile tears .

  18. You wish to hijack the PPP/C and many more incompetent morons like you. Your PNC mess up this country and plunge us in the black vacuum hole that sucks anything.
    Never again.
    Indian votes is solid, we do not want to hear your crap, you stick with the brainwash in Linden.

  19. It is illegal to tape any conversation of someone without consent whether it happened here or not.
    Is this guy a hero or a cry baby?

  20. Any act of violence or destruction directed Glenn Lall will never be forgiven or forgotten by Guyanese, but especially Indian Guyanese. In fact, it could confirm the death of the PPP, which has been hijacked by a handful of very selfish people to rip off the country of its monies and resources. It may also open the door for a reaction that not even the PPP is prepared for! And all because one boy was given a man’s job to do…


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