Body of male found at ‘Cuffy Square’


By Fareeza Haniff

[iNews’ Photo]
[] – The body of a male was discovered at approximately 14:00hrs in a canal in the vicinity of the Square of the Revolution /1763 Monument (Cuffy Square) on Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown on Monday, March 02.

The man is yet to be identified and was found floating in the canal by passersby who alerted the police. A messenger bag which is suspected belongs to the man was also found at the scene, containing documents and photographs.

Investigators also found an empty bottle of Ivanoff Vodka. A large crowd of curious onlookers gathered at the scene as undertakers removed the man’s body.

The Crime Scene Investigator, upon inspection of the dead man’s body, did not seem to find any visible marks of violence. His wallet seemed to be intact with cash inside; investigators also found a key.

The body was removed and taken to the Lyken Funeral Home.