Best friend Murder: Family says act was premeditated

Renita Thomas and Angelique Williams.

By Jomo Paul

Renita Thomas and Angelique Williams.
Angelique Williams and Renita Thomas

[] – Family members of 20-year-old Renita Thomas who was stabbed to death, allegedly by her best friend at Versailles, West Bank Demerara on May 21 believe that the act was premeditated.

As news spread about the death of the popular socialite, many friends and family members had different stories and theories on what occurred at the time of the killing but none could say for sure.

A police report indicated that the 20-year-old mother of one “was involved in an argument with another female during which she was stabbed to her abdomen and head with a broken bottle. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH).

The suspect who has since been identified as Angelique Williams – Thomas’ best friend – has been arrested and is in police custody assisting with the investigations.

A relative who spoke with iNews under the condition of anonymity said that the family was still suspicious about the circumstances surrounding the young lady’s death.

It was pointed out that several friends had gone to the Aracari resort but none of the others were injured nor did they seek to intervene when the fight started between Thomas and Williams.

“Two car loads of girls and none of them ain’t hold the people back? Renita is the only one that go into the hospital with blood,” said the relative.

iNews understands that there were several altercations in the past between the two young women but they always managed to make amends; however something provoked the radical response on Thursday evening.

Further, it was stated that Thomas was warned to stay away from Williams given their differences but those warnings went unheeded.

Screenshots have surfaced on social media which the relative indicated were proof of some amount of premeditation to the act on the part of Williams.

It was indicated that during the initial scuffle, Thomas’s daughter was thrown from her hands, hitting the ground several feet away.

iNews was able to make contact with the eyewitness that was at the scene when the incident occurred but she refused to comment on the matter.



  1. Jealousy and envy leads to the death wish of Renita
    How can a best fren do such a grusome thing, my condolences goes out to Thomas’es family, relativies and genuine friends. my warning to young women out there do not keep friends that envy you, the minute they response to you in the negative break off they frienship even if they pass it as a joke because most times they are often serious. I had to get rid of of those kinds of frens in the past and i have no regret today. Only God is my true fren.


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