Bel Air man shot during robbery


robbery[] – Thirty – year – old Nicolas Coates is nursing a gunshot wound to his right foot after he was shot during a robbery on Monday night, November 23.

According to a police report, at about 19:55 hrs, Coates of Eping Avenue, Bel Air, was in his home when he was attacked by four men, two of whom were armed with handguns.

During the incident, Coates was shot and injured to his right foot, but managed to discharge rounds from his licensed firearm, and is believed to have hit one of the men. They however escaped in a waiting motor car.

Coates has been admitted to hospital as the investigations continue.



  1. I saw today with my own eye !, A officer on his bike, turning a blind eye to motorist riding with out an helmet , all tattooed and riding wildly on the road ways !,…if the blasted police are scared !,.. what should we be ?

  2. I wish if people can tell me what the different from the PPP/C time to the return of the PNC back to office when it come to the crime in Guyana.


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