Bandits attack family preparing for father’s memorial service

  • one brother shot and killed, two others injured

By Lakhram Bhagirat

What was supposed to be a time for reflection and reunion for the Saheed family of East La Penitence, Georgetown turned out to be a nightmare when bandits barged into their Lot 194 Freeman Street home and fired bullets indiscriminately killing one of the brothers while injuring two others.

58-year-old Fazal Saheed of 18 Albion, Corentyne was killed during the ordeal while his two other brothers Tallim Saheed, 50, of Toronto, Canada and Shalim Saheed, 53, of the United States of America received multiple gunshot wounds and are warded at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

According to the Police, two masked men carried out the attack and one was armed with a handgun. Investigations, so far, have revealed that the bandits gained access into the house via a door that was opened and surprised the victims who were in the living room area.  They then relieved them of their jewellery and discharged several rounds at the brothers before fleeing the scene.

The Police was then alerted and the victims rushed to the GPCH where Fazal was pronounced dead on arrival, Talim treated and warded while Shalim had to undergo emergency surgery and is listed as critical.

The Police retrieved several spent shells at the scene, and have since taken one suspect, from the East La Penitence area, into custody. The suspect is said to be assisting with investigations.

When this media outfit visited the home of the Saheed’s, the trio’s eldest brother, Raymond said that they had approximately six relatives that arrived from the US and Canada for his late father’s first anniversary memorial service. He related the family was in the process of preparing for the service, which was supposed to be Sunday, when the attack happened.

“My mom, sister in law and sister was in the kitchen after 12am when the bandits allegedly came through the front door which was partially open. The gate was padlocked but they did not see how these guys came in but apparently they jumped the fence and came in. When they came in they probably had an altercation and the fellows fired the shots,” Raymond explained.

He said that he was just preparing to retire to bed, at his Subryanville home, when he received a call at around 12:55am,  from his sister, informing him that his brother were shot.

“I enquired where my brothers are and my sister indicated to me that they gone to the East La Penitence Police Station. I drove there and they told me that they are at the Georgetown Public Hospital and I went there I barged in to the triage room and what I saw there I froze,” he said.

He told this publication that he saw his brother lying side by side with Fazal being already declared dead.

“He (Fazal) had between 3-4 gunshot wounds, the gunshot wound that caught my attention was the one that pierced his heart directly and I believe that is what killed him almost instantly,” Raymond said.

The distraught man further explained that Tallim was shot in the shoulder with the bullet exiting under his armpit. He was very conscious at that time while his other brother Shalim had several gunshot wounds to his stomach. The doctors related that Shalim would require emergency surgery since he was in a semi-conscious and critical state. The surgery was conducted and Shalim is still listed as critical and warded in the Intensive Care Unit at the GPHC.

Raymond took the time to bash 911 operators since the family reportedly called the number several times but there was no answer. On the other hand, he said that the Divisional Commander, Marlon Chapman, visited the family promising to ensure that a proper and swift investigation is conducted and justice is served.

Fazal is a businessman who manufactures sauces and spices. He leaves to mourn his son and wife.




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