Bandit shot dead after snatching cop’s gold chain

The Guyana Police Force reported that, at about  07:30hrs this morning (Thursday), a police rank, who is also a licensed firearm holder, was walking along Robb Street, Georgetown, when he was attacked by  Sherwin Monka who took away his gold chain.
Sherwin Monka, of Albouystown, was shot during the robbery and later succumbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.
The Police Office of Professional Responsibility is conducting investigations into the incident.


  1. I can’t wait to hear Bhur rat and his cabinet goes to trial for corruption,good reporting altogether nice job R

  2. Bandit shot dead after snatching cop’s gold chain.
    You know how many people will be mourning his death?
    Those who enjoy the loot will not miss him one bit but will surely miss out on the loot.
    You will now hear the cries of how police should have apprehend him and not shoot him and how he was a good boy whom used to baby sit the neighborhood kids and he never missed one single day of attending church.
    Most likely you will hear from the grief stricken mother since father most likely gone to replenish another batch.


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