Bandit shoots gold miner during foiled robbery

  • at a salon in North East La Penitence


A 33-year-old man had to undergo emergency surgery at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was shot by a bandit who attempted to rob him while he was waiting for his spouse at a salon in North East La Penitence, Georgetown.

Critical is Peter Chow of lot 10 Kitty, Georgetown.

Chow’s partner, Rayana Jaundoo explained to INews that the duo arrived at the hair salon at around 10:30hrs Thursday morning. She noted that at around 13:30hrs, Chow had fallen asleep on a couch in the salon, near a window.

The house where the incident occurred

This online publication was told that a lone gunman entered the salon and whipped out his weapon, demanding that everyone turn over their valuables.

The suspect was reportedly taken aback when he realised that Chow was asleep on the couch near to him, and so pointed the gun at the sleeping man, while shaking him awake. The perpetrator then demanded that the gold miner turn over his valuables.

However, still in a daze, Chow reportedly pushed the bandit resulting in him being shot.

The bandit reportedly fled the scene without taking anything of value.

The 33-year-old was rushed to the city hospital to be treated.

An investigation has been launched.



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