Ballistics test links weapon found at Craig house to murders of Ramlall, Rudder

Dead: Ganesh Ramlall

By Leroy Smith

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum. [iNews' Photo]
Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum says the Guyana Police Force is on the hunt for four persons, following the arrest of seven men at Craig, East Bank Demerara during a SWAT operation on Tuesday, July 14.

According to the Crime Chief, the additional four are well known to the police; he explained that detectives have been able to link the men to at least two murders and one high profile robbery.

Blanhum told reporters that ballistic tests carried out on the weapon that was recovered at the scene of the Tuesday morning shootout confirmed that it was used at the murder scene of Travis Rudder Snr of Nandy Park and businessman Ganesh “Boyo” Ramlall of La Jalousie, West Coast Demerara.

Dead: Travis Rudder
Dead: Travis Rudder

The police also linked the men to the high profile robbery and battery of Land Court Judge Nicola Pierre and her family last week.

Dead: Ganesh Ramlall
Dead: Ganesh Ramlall

Asked if any of the seven persons who were arrested are known to the police, the Crime Chief said that no initial information suggested such although they were still doing back ground checks on each of the individuals.

In the wee hours of Tuesday, the SWAT unit was able to track several persons wanted for the murders of Ramlall and Travis Rudder along with the armed robbery of the Judge and her husband Mohammed Chand at their home at Felicity, ECD.

The firearm recovered by the police at the house in Craig
The firearm recovered by the police at the house in Craig

The ranks came under fire during which a Constable was shot to his right thigh and one of the suspects, identified as Rolston Morrison was shot dead, while his accomplice, Warren McKenzie, 22 years, of Brutus Street, Agricola is nursing a gunshot wound.

A 9mm. Glock pistol with two magazines and 25 matching rounds has been recovered by the police, along with two wrist watches that are suspected to have been stolen. Further a number of 9mm. spent shells were also recovered at the scene.



  1. Guyana police are showing some calibre of investigative works! Good job! But visionary leadership from govt. is needed urgently!

  2. “Enthusiastic” questioning will be the answer here. Those who don’t “sing” first get the worst.


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