Baishanlin plugs $1M into clean-up efforts

Managing Director of Baishanlin, Chu Hongbo hands cheque over to Chief Coordinator, Larry London
Managing Director of Baishanlin, Chu Hongbo hands cheque over to Chief Coordinator, Larry London

[] – Baishanlin International Forest Development on Friday handed over a cheque for G$1M to the coordinators of the government-led clean-up efforts which began at the Independence Arch on Sunday last.

According to a press statement from the company, Managing Director of Baishanlin, Chu Hongbo handed the cheque over to Chief Coordinator, Larry London in the presence of Assistant Coordinator, Bobby Vieira. Hongbo was accompanied by Eddie Wang, the company’s Forestry Development Department Director.

Hongbo said the company is pleased to be associated with the clean-up activities and looks forward to forging a long-term relationship with the Guyanese people.

The company’s contribution to the clean-up activities come in wake of several other interventions made over the months to support persons, and communities, particularly those in which it operates.

In addition to the monetary contribution, Baishanlin also intends to adopt a section of the Durban Park area.

“The company agreed to begin immediate assistance in this regard with the supply of several pieces of equipment. This was welcomed by Vieira who said the long term involvement of the business community and other stakeholders will play an integral role in keeping the city and country clean,” the release stated.

Hongbo said Baishanlin will continue to work closely with other stakeholders while contributing to the country’s growth and development.



  1. What can $5000.00USD do to our country, Y don’t they offer to fix or repair even make better the place they are travelling on everyday fix the road ways etc, too many time they have take advantage of our people and country and because the previous Government was only concern about there pocket and not the country, these people were just granted free access to come live and work.

    How can a Chinese company be granted so many duty free vehicle concession and many more unmentioned stuff and when a poor or someone trying to make a better life have to clear a vehicle, they have to pay 2 and 3 time the vehicle price..

    When we as Guyanese was to travel out to another man country, we have to get some form of work permit and your person holder benefit in some way other the other. They are some many non-national in our country (tell me who’s got there permits and who benefiting) these people know nothing about Guyana but yet they got a free passport so that they can conduct business and treat people like unfair, i really don’t care if you are coming with millions, they need to still tow the line and put under scrutiny..

    I was at home on vacation and decided to walk regent street,what i notice in many of the stores are Chinese and Indians store owners, and the way i see them dealing with the sale-persons it burn my heart to know they people have the same authority as people who are born and bread there….

    Mr. President too long have we been treated badly and the pay ratio in the country is really terrible, this is one of the main reason for corruption and people suffering to make end meet, please please can you try and turn thing around for our country, make it a better place for our children and up coming generation….Guyana is beautiful and i will never stop visiting home but in order for these change to take a stand you will have to think about your people and country and how you can make it better for everyone…..

    Thanks very Much

  2. BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION – This act by the Chinese company is very tragic – trying to corrupt the new government. We must not accept any form of money from such entities – they must be thoroughly investigated and put on trial for ROBBING the Guyanese people of their INHERITANCE. There can be no compromise !

  3. G$1million …. that’s an insult to the new government….Baishanlin , you have already took billions from Guyana , and you are giving us a million G$ .That’s a gross insult to the Guyanese people.

  4. Let them take their US$5,000.00 dollars and fix the roads that they have destroyed in kwakwani and linden . I’m looking forward to this government to get these guys out of Guyana who only cares about their interest that is robbing and destroying my beautiful country

  5. Gt 100 what they tink that they can flash 5000usd and keep raping out beloved country of the gold and timber Mr president be were.

  6. it is a good gesture by the company but, usd 5000 is a rather paltry sum for a company that is ripping out the country’s resources to the tune of tens of millions per day.

    georgetown needs every bit of handout right now because, the city has suffered tremendously over the past 23 years under the previous regime.

  7. These people draining the blood out of guyana, give them back that $1m to pack up and leave

  8. According to the APNU people Bharrat bring you people here to sell out Guyana to you. I wonder if they will say this is a bribe. LMFAO. Is a good thing you people have something to offer because they will need these kinda contribution every now and again to satisfy their needs. Watch out… is give it or get out.

  9. Bai shan lin contracts should be review.Too much under hand contracts happen under jagdeo & ramoutar..Time for the new get down to make sure we will not be raped by foreign companies.


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