PPP to take GECOM issues int’l; distances self from Ramsammy’s oil accusations

PPP Members at a press conference.

By Fareeza Haniff

PPP Members at the press conference.
PPP Members at the press conference.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Presidents, Donald Ramotar and Bharrat Jagdeo along with former government ministers and Party members of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) came out in a “show of unity” at a press conference on Friday, May 22 at Freedom House, promising to take their issues with the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to regional and international organisations.

As the PPP continues to maintain that it was cheated at the just concluded general elections, which resulted in the APNU+AFC coalition removing them from government after 23 years, Ramotar told the news conference that the leadership of the PPP is yet to decide on its “attitude” towards the new government.

According to the former President, the David Granger led administration does not reflect the “will” of the people, therefore the PPP is yet to determine what role it will play in the life of the 11th Parliament.

The main Opposition remains steadfast in its allegation that the May 11 elections were rigged by GECOM, thus their calls for the Chairman, Dr Steve Surujbally to resign. The Party says some 30 regional and international organisations will be made aware of GECOM’s alleged wrongdoings.

This is despite the fact that all regional, local and international observers deeming the elections free, fair and credible; but the PPP now says the observers did not pay attention to where the alleged rigging took place “and that is the GECOM machinery,” according to Ramotar.

Ramotar, who had questioned the integrity of the observers a few days after the elections, now says that they [observers] gave the electoral process a clean bill of health before the verification process.

Expressing similar views was former President Jagdeo, who told the news conference that GECOM is yet to provide the PPP with “box by box” results of the elections.

He alleged that this delay might be due to GECOM “attempting to make changes.” He reiterated that substantial evidence is being gathered to file an elections petition.

According to Jagdeo, the PPP will continue to mobilize its supporters to inform them about the “cheating.”

“They must know they have a government today that is formed not on the basis of the free expression of the will of the people of this country but that they have been cheated…we plan to internationalise this issue, to go to every corner of the world so that everywhere a government official shows up from this country, people would know that this government official does not represent the will of the people of Guyana,” Jagdeo told reporters.

Distances self from Ramsammy

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Party has distanced itself from claims made by its member, former Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy that international players assisted in rigging the elections because they wanted to get their hands on Guyana’s oil, which was recently discovered by ExxonMobil.

When asked about this, Ramotar said, “As far as I’m aware, Leslie was writing in his personal capacity. He was not writing on behalf of the PPP.”

Adding his view on the issue, Jagdeo chided the media for making Ramsammy’s view that of the PPP.

“It’s interesting to see how they can elevate a person’s Facebook posting to the position of the political party and the media has done this,” Jagdeo said.

In an article headlined, “Is oil now reason for rigged elections?” and posted on his Facebook page, Dr Ramsammy pointed out that in the vulgar haste to produce an early result Guyana may have been gifted, “with another government born out of fraud and rigging.”



  1. and if i may also remind you sir it was the usa that put Saddam Hussein, osama bin ladin fidel castro and several other leaders in power

  2. There is no FOOL like an OLD FOOL,here is where RAMOTAR fits in.How can a LOSING party presumptuously accuse the international players as assisting in the RIGGING of the elections?and still intend to tell the regional and international organizations that he was CHEATED.This sounds as STUPID as he is.CONFUSION IN THE CAMP.President David Granger`s COALITION was legally ELECTED to OFFICE.

  3. Until the PPP don’t return to its core value , it’s founding value they will never be another PPP government, the problem is not GECOM, the problem is the PPP current internal structure, of who and what it represents , the PPP learned absolutely nothing from 2011 , it’s only a fool will think the PPP won the 2011 election, not sure why all this sudden hysteria, as though 2015 was such a surprise , this results was bound to happen soon or later , the face of the party hasn’t represent the will of the people in a very long time , Jagdeo brings a negative image to the PPP , in all honesty the PPP will be a far better party without the likes of Jagdeo, and a few others, bringing Jagdeo back on the campaign trail was a total mistake, only reaffirmed the public belief ,that it was him who control the party, and not Donald Romatar, this in turns makes Donald look lame/weak , thanks to GoCool Bad-hoe the PPP survived 2011.

  4. It is interesting that all previous elections the observer groups were involved in the whole process including at Gecom after SOPs I saw them even at the press conferences. So your conclusion is not based on what you saw but what is being said by the PPP/C you have eyes and a brain use it.

  5. How funny , only someone suited for residency at a mental institution will compare former Minister Leslie Ramsammy recent Oil Company statement which he is alleged to have said , with the known facebook posting of James Bond….and then based on this comparison go on to link it with the call made by the former President for charges to be brought against Bond for his Election percentage posting before the GECOM declaration.

  6. I am closely looking at how the after elections , New Government activity , utterances are unfolding. Readers note this :-
    a. The new finance Minister is on record as saying that people should temper their expectation when it come to any 10% increase on salaries.
    b. The Cabinet is now larger than what the PPPC had under the different PPPC Presidents.
    c. GECOM owe it to the Nation to have a recount , which the PPPC is requesting. This is a fair request .

    The Nation is watching , watching and looking .

  7. You double talkers.When James Bond mentioned on his Facebook page that the Coalition had 94 % of the military votes,Jagdeo said BOND should be charged by the police,which indicates that Jagdeo was making that connection between Bond and the coalition.But now that Ramsammy made this silly statement that the international players assisted in rigging the elections,Jagdeo distanced himself from Ramsammy.So Ramsammy did not say this on behalf of the PPP/C party.How people can trust you and your party?TOO MUCH DOUBLE TALKING.CONFUSION IN THE CAMP,this is UNDERSTANDABLE.

  8. The PPP/C is making accusations of rigging but is not producing the evidence to support this.
    The votes of each polling place were counted at the polling place and were tabulated. This was witnessed by the PPP/C agents as well as by the observers. SOPs were prepared and were placed outside each polling place. Total of all SOPs = Total votes cast analysed by each party and spoilt votes.
    GECOM also processed these votes and give their figures for each party. All fake SOPs were rejected. The PPP/C must prove their allegation.
    The PPP/C has three commissioners in GECOM …….?!!

  9. I wonder what the spouses, children and siblings think of this sorry looking bunch of formers. Time to go home and get on with life. ” The birds took away their feathers and have left you alone on bird cherry island”. Does anyone remember this long time Anancy story?

  10. Ramsammy,you shouldn`t say a word.As a US citizen,that in itself is FRAUD,you should not have been one of the previous incumbent,in the first place.Anyway,enjoy your recess.d

  11. Who can be more dishonest than this band of corrupt individuals.They portray dishonesty,they live dishonesty,and it is their dishonest and corrupt way of life that has caused them to be where they are NOW.I believe,these international bodies would not pay them any heed,because even they know,they were fairly beaten.IT IS TIME,TO SEE THE BACKS OF THESE PEOPLE,IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  12. Hahahahahaha…………………..apun so blunt,his head full of shit, how is it he’s going to rule dis country

  13. Well said Shaun. .I totally agree with you. This is what I was saying all the time. Even the President said he will walk away once it is proven his party lost fairly. Why not do a recount for the world to see that the ABC countries don’t have nothing to do with what happened and let the world also see if the people of Guyana wants a change? DO NO EVIL. .. FEAR NO EVIL! I like to talk to educated people such as yourself not the dumb ass people that comment here just to keep convincing themselves and their dumb ass friends everything is alrigh. If this was the APNU asking for a recount god himself would have been in a state of shock to see the condition Guyana would have been in.

  14. Lets face facts, that is bluffing by Jagdeo and Ramotar, the international body would tell those joker go scratching. The USA, England, Canada, three super power and who knows what is really going on in Guyana, with the PPP/Civic, they know these guys are all thieves, what going to play out the two biggest jokers will definitely ended up in jail, with all the stealing and fraud. Also they are trying to destabilize the country, and starting to inject riots.

  15. this is the first time in the world an opposition party has the power and mechanism in place to rig a election. I would like to see the facts PPP party has for such claims since the PPP was abusing all the government machinery to gain advantage over the other parties. They are playing the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s party tricks to destabilize the economy asking farmers not to plant rice, burn the sugar fields etc. Guyanese are no longer stupid people that you can fool them with lies. If the PPP love this country so much and have it at heart as per their election campaign. Then why not join with the masses to unite this country and stop being selfish and racist, PPP you can not defeat unity and peace so the only alternative is to be part of a movement taking Guyana to place of unity, love peace, and development every citizen wants that goal achieve let’s put our side our political differences and priorities and work for the citizens of Guyana.

  16. The international Observers could only say what they saw…They are correct in saying the process of voting was free from fear..The International Observers could not say what they saw after polls closed simply because they were not part of that Observation. Barring all what the International Observers saw and didnt see shoulD not matter now…What matter most is that a GECOM official was the one to report GECOM found fake statement of polls SOPS..From the time one fake SOP was found at GECOM everything should have been halted immediately and an inquiry should have began to find out how a fake SOP came about..The mistake GECOM made was to say those fake SOPs were not counted..The International Community knew about this but kept pushing for results to be declared and that is wrong..They have to remember that it was not PPP/C that cried about fake SOPs. IT WAS GECOM…So therefore GECOM was implicit in all wrong doings and the only way to fix this to removed the black eye on GECOM is to open all ballot boxes and count those votes so as to reflect the true WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

  17. Its a BLESSED Guyana without the CRIME family, Barrat and company, LOL The next step for the Blessed Government is to bring the criminal gang to justice,all the cheques they trying to cash,the vehicles they give to family and friends,the murder of one of they own,Min Shaw,the murder of all the youths headed by Roger Khan and the phantom squad,these Phantom picketing poppets/ criminals should face justice for all the injustice they are guilty of, Unite Guyana….the brain dead dumb Fools will picket,cry and shout just like Courtney that was shot by ????,,,

  18. Where are you going to take your grievances PPP/C? You have accused the whole international community of conspiring against you. Are you going to turn to those same guilty people to solve your case?

  19. Why don’t you and all the others like you go work in the ministry of ministers. …lol…lol… What a mess. All of you gonna be responsible for cleaning up the shit spill of the riggers. Why do you comment? I would like to think you are trying to convince yourself and the other dumb people like yourself that this election was free and fair. PPP! We need justice. Get them out of there before it’s too late! If they were the only ones who would be punished for their mistakes then that would have been the best thing for them because they are accustomed to living in poverty.

  20. honestly and this is my opinion i think gecom is well aware of what took place and where the system fail, also the foreign observer had a hand in what ever failure took place at gecom. theses are my concerns if the apnu are comfortable that they won a go ahead to the recount should be given so the the ppp can rest their case. secondly gecom itself cannot answer as to how it system failed and given the consistency of these failure there should be an investigation. now we all know when the USA wants you out of power they will go all out to do so, so who is to say they didnt have a hand in this after all we found oil and that is their weakness. finally when every effort they put up fail they should sit and reconsider all that they have done wrong, reorganize and come fresh in the next elections.

  21. Ramsammy have US citizenship. He does not need US VISA. The rest do.
    They better be careful what they say and how they say it. lol

  22. I notice you guys already having some noted absentees. It seems they know its over. If you guys have a forum like this next week and you notice some more folks missing please quit! Go home you look silly! Its over the fat lady did her singing thing.
    Take this under advisement pick a new team if you guys want to be relevant in the future. Donald,If I ran,Rohee, Ag and BJ is a must go. Sam what are you doing there, Bai I thought you resign

  23. What is wrong with the PPP , they still sleeping and dreaming of the money that they would have banked from the OIL. It’s time to give back to the ppl of Guyana everything you took, SHANE ON U PPP.WAKE UP.


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