New Attorney General meets staff


Basil[] – The newly appointed Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams has formally met with the staff of the Legal Ministry urging them to work as professionals.

Williams was sworn in as the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs on Wednesday at the Ministry of the Presidency, by President David Granger.

During the meeting, Williams reiterated the commitment of the President, who had opined that his administration would be working in the interest all Guyanese.

According to a statement from the Ministry, “Mr. Williams articulated, among other things, the need for professionalism by all the Public Servants within the Ministry and outlined that within his remit as the Attorney General, no malice, retribution or ill will, shall be expounded on his part to any staff, regardless of their political affiliation, race or religion.”

The statement noted that he charged that the employees of his Ministry should do their work to the best of their abilities and promised to give his best in the performance of his functions.

“At all material times I will consider myself to a be a servant of the people of Guyana, and I trust that you will see yourselves, each and every one of you in the same light… I look forward to working with you all, as a team, for the betterment of the Guyanese people in terms of the remit of the Attorney General Chambers and the Ministry of Legal Affairs,” Williams is quoted as saying in the press statement.



  1. Mr James why you don’t comment on the appointment of Ramsammy to several ministerial posts by Ramatour any been fingered in the Roger fiasco.And why comment on Nandalal retaining his position after the notorious phone taped conversation with the kieteur news journalist . plesse comment.

  2. Granger has appointed Basil Williams as his attorney general and legal affairs minister just as I predicted.
    over and over I have been pointed out the corruptions of Williams. Please Google:
    “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape” ALSO!
    “Then top cop Winston Felix and PNC official discuss planting drugs on PNC female”
    And “Felix captured on tape making firearm deal” with Basil Williams on phone.
    Surujbally has install an undemocratic government illegally with questionable crooks!


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