Baby girl shot dead; 12-Y-O wounded in lovers spat

Dead: Arian Gill


Dead: Arian Gill
Dead: Arian Gill

[] – A one-year-old baby girl is now dead and her 12-year-old aunt nursing two gunshot wounds to her leg after a man put a gun through a window in their home and started shooting indiscriminately.

According to reports, the baby, Arian Gill was pronounced dead at the scene and her aunt, Ashley Norton was taken to the hospital to have the wound treated.

Reports indicate that the alleged shooter, Mark Angoy escaped the scene shortly after the shooting around 13:00hrs on Sunday at Lot 38 Eastville, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

iNews understand that Angoy shared a relationship with the dead baby’s grandmother, but she broke off the relationship about a month ago. A tearful Shelly Norton told reporters that she was with Angoy for about 3 ½ years but decided to break it off.

“He ran away, he had a car waiting on him and he ran to the car,” the woman told reporters.

Norton, when further questioned, stated that it was clear that man intended to snuff out the lives of the two children since he had threatened to shoot the closest persons to her.

Alleged shooter: Mark Angoy
Alleged shooter: Mark Angoy

“He told me that he gon shoot the closest thing to me. He know that I love Arian and Ashley is the last child…so he know, he know, he know,” she said as she wept uncontrollably.

Reports indicate that after the shooting, the other family members sought refuge in a bathroom fearful for their lives. Angoy reportedly hails from Craig, East Bank Demerara.



  1. all you have is a good for nothing government only looking to full their pockets ,can get market for rice so that’s why you have so many crime

  2. When i was in Guyana i hear that people was saying that they change of government will bring good because people will respect the PNC government and stop committed crime but since the 11 of May to this day i wish if anyone can tell me what changes we have.


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