Anti-litter unit charges 25 more litter bugs in G/T


Clean[] – The Mayor and City Council of Georgetown Anti-litter Unit has over the the past days charged 25 persons for littering. Persons were caught in the act on some of the popular streets: South Road, Brickdam, Regent, Water, Cornhill, Robb and Croal. 

This comes as City Hall has re-launched an initiative, aimed at ensuring that businesses in the city dispose of garbage in the correct manner. Also, the city has recommenced its inspection of refuse and receptacles, in and around the city. This particular exercise is being carried out through the Public Relations, Environmental Sanitation, and Solid Waste Management departments. 

 According to a City Hall release: “We check to see that the receptacles were adequate, and where they were deemed to be inadequate, we serve notices,” she said of the exercise. She added that where the receptacles were inadequate, the businesses were given 14 days to acquire the requisite containers and have them on their premises.

Meanwhile, patrols will continue on the streets of Georgetown to help bring an end to littering, City Hall warns.



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