Anjuman Orphanage denies sexual assault of 13 – year – old boy



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

stop rape[] – Owner of the Anjuman Orphanage in New Amsterdam, Berbice, Abu Bakkar Mandal is denying allegations of sexual abuse against a teenage boy by the Manager of his Orphanage.

Speaking to iNews, Brother Abu said the 13 – year – old lived at the Orphanage for over five years and this sudden claim of sexual abuse comes as a shock to everyone there.

He described the teen as a “trouble young man” and accused him of lying, since he was not a resident at the Orphanage during the time he claimed the sexual attack took place.

The owner told iNews during a telephone interview that the children at the Orphanage can testify that the young man ran away from the Orphanage around 18:10 hours on Saturday, May 24 and returned the following day.

According to Mandal, the boy returned on May 25, ate, showered and again he disappeared, which prompted a search by himself and young man’s sister. The search proved futile.

However, the boy later turned up with his mother and the allegations of sexual abuse surfaced.

iNews understands that the boy and his sister have been living at the Orphanage for the past five years and their mother came in January to take them home.

However, his sister was about to sit the National Grade Six Assessment Examinations and as such, the mother decided to let both of them stay until the exams ended.

However, Mandal explained that after the exam came to an end, the mother who resides in Canje never returned. He emphasized that the Orphanage is cooperating with the Police to ensure the truth is brought to light.

The accused was placed on $100,000 station bail and has to report to the New Amsterdam Police Station every Wednesday. Attempts to speak to the accused proved futile.




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