Alleged police killing: Where is the Asif Rahim file?

Asif Rahim's swollen face after the alleged police beating.

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Asif Rahim's swollen face after the alleged police beating.
Asif Rahim’s swollen face after the alleged police beating.

[] – It has been almost two months since Commissioner of Police (ag) Seelall Persaud promised the wife of the late Asif Rahim that a thorough investigation would be launched into his death.

However, following weeks of investigations by iNews, no one seems to know where the file is, which contains information about the man’s death.

The 38-year-old fisherman and father of four children, died on November 27 at his Meten – Meer – Zorg, West Coast Demerara home, after he alleged he was beaten by police at the Leonora Police Station while in custody on November 22.

A Post Mortem Examination (PME) found that he died from multiple injuries about his body. According to the PME, Rahim’s jaw was broken, there was a rupture in his throat and he received severe injuries to his chest which resulted in massive blood clot in his body.

Initially, the Police Force had alleged that Rahim was beaten by another prisoner while in custody at the station, however, two ranks were reportedly under close arrest as prior to his death, Rahim had informed his wife and relatives that he was beaten by the Police, whom he could have identified.

The matter was indeed investigated and sent to Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA), retired Justice Cecil Kennard for advice.

When contacted, Kennard told iNews that he has done his part and the file was sent to Crime Chief, Leslie James so that he [James] would forward it to the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for recommendations as to whether charges should be filed against the police officers.

For several weeks, iNews has been trying to confirm with the Crime Chief if the file is in his possession and when it will be forwarded to the DPP’s office; however, the Crime Chief promised on several occasions to return a call to this Reporter with the information but never did. During one conversation with iNews, the Crime Chief did acknowledge that the file was sent to him but could not say whether it was still with him or if it was sent to the DPP.

He seemed puzzled about the location of the file. Several calls to his cell phone went unanswered. iNews even attempted to contact the Commissioner of Police after efforts to reach James proved futile. A message was left with the Commissioner’s Secretary last week; however, we are still to hear from Mr. Persaud on this matter.

The dead man’s wife, Sursattie Chandrapaul, on Monday, January 12 explained to iNews that she was contacted by an Officer [whom she identified] from the CID headquarters on December 24, 2014, informing her that the file was with the DPP.

The DPP’s office has since confirmed with iNews that they are not in possession of the file.



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