Alleged dissatisfied Policeman takes male Sex Worker to Court


Akeem Nigel known as "Angel". [iNews' Photo]
Akeem Nigel known as “Angel”. [iNews’ Photo]
[]Akeem Nigel also called Angel of Alberttown; Georgetown was placed on $100,000 bail by Magistrate Judy Latchman, after he was charged with robbery underarms.

The 19 – year – old accused denied the allegation which alleged that on Saturday, November 23 at Carmichael Street being armed with an ice pick he robbed Naresh Changa of $2,500 in cash.

Attorney-at-law Mr. Paul Fung-A-Fat represented Nigel and stated that his client is a sex worker. The lawyer added that a Police Sergeant came to his client intoxicated and offered him $2,500 in trading for sex and his client agreed to it.

He added that afterwards, the Virtual Complainant (VC), who did not “enjoy himself” told the defendant that he will charge him with robbery.

The defense counsel noted that his client’s fee is $8,000 and is not refundable.

Meanwhile, Police prosecutor, Renetta Bentham said that prosecution’s allegations are contrary to what the defense counsel related to the court.

She narrated that on the day in question; the VC – a Police Sergeant- was returning from a wake at Tactical Service Unit (TSU) when he was confronted by the defendant in company of two others.

The court heard that they were allegedly armed with the offensive weapon and robbed victim of $2,500. Bail was granted and Nigel will to court on December 5.



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