Alleged Bath Settlement Arsonist remanded


20140615ladies (1)[] – Thirty six – year – old Dennis Evans of Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice, who was charged with setting fire to a house and two counts of threatening behavior, was today (Thursday, June 26),  granted $60,000 bail when he appeared in the Weldaad Magistrates’ Court.

The alleged serial arsonist, who terrorized a Bath Settlement family, was arrested last evening at a Bush Lot house after hiding from police for some time.

He was placed on bail in the sum of $30,000 each on the threatening behaviour charges and remanded to prison until July 17 on the charge of setting fire to building.

Other charges are likely to be made against him.

Meanwhile, police have denied that Evans who attempted to escape when he was approached was shot during the arrest as reported in one section of the media.

 The Accused allegedly set fire to the home of his ex-wife just over two weeks ago while persons were asleep inside.

 The kitchen was destroyed but they managed to douse the flames before it engulfed the home.




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