Albouystown Shooting: Bishop was shot during a “struggle” – Police



Dead: Adrian Bishop
Dead: Adrian Bishop

[] – Following the fatal shooting of 28 – year – old Adrian Bishop last night [Saturday, September 20] by a police officer, the Force is now claiming that Bishop made efforts to relieve the rank of the firearm during which a round was discharged that struck him to the neck.

The police version of what took place differs from that of residents in Hill Street, Albouystown, where the incident took place.

Residents are claiming that Bishop did not resist the officers but told them that he is not going to the police station, even though he was already in the vehicle. He was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex – girlfriend, who is a police officer.

Eyewitnesses told iNews that the police officer then “cranked” his weapon and shot Bishop in the neck, after which he allegedly dropped the gun and exclaimed, “Oh Sh*t! I didn’t know the gun would go off.”

Eyewitnesses claim that the Police Officer then made a telephone call and informed some that “I just killed a man.”

However, according to the Police, while being transported to the police station, Bishop held onto a policeman who was armed with a shotgun and a struggle ensued during which he was shot to his neck.

“The case of the Crazy Ex”

Meanwhile, Bishop’s actual girlfriend, ‘Tasha’, explained that it was a case of the ‘crazy ex’.

She told iNews that she and Bishop lived together and that his ex – girlfriend, who was identified as a CID Officer, visited the Albouystown home and “created a scene.”

Tasha said that Bishop slapped the woman, which then prompted the Ex to call the Police.



  1. Both the officer that pulled the trigger(the female officers ex boyfriend) as well as the jealous ex girlfriend (the police officer that called 2 fellow officers and ex boyfriend) need to be charged this is MURDER and the two that committed the crime need to be punished accordingly

    Adrian broke up with the female officer, she took advantage of her rank and she took advantage of her ex boyfriend, the ex boyfriend was stupid enough to shoot and kill Adrian over jealousy

    They keep talking about Adrian’s criminal past, they haven’t reported he had a history of trying to disarm police, the police version of the story makes no sense, witnesses all say he cooperated with police but until people start standing up against police brutality and allowing these senseless murders it will continue to happen

  2. dem eyewitness dis would never appear in court to say same what they saying to news people. oh yeah ah see dem man kneeling saying prayers in chuch an de police gun he down is always de cry for dem criminal dis. which police officer shoot and drop their weapon? the news media must stop dis crap now.stop wid dis eyewitness garbage now.get fact then report.

  3. I do hope they all go to jail the one who did the shooting and his ex the police woman. come on now almost every one has a phone on them these days every time the police are involved just take pictures.


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