Agricola Murder: UK citizen discharged from hospital; relatives take her into hiding


Murdered: Donna Taylor [iNews' photo]
Murdered: Donna Taylor [iNews’ photo]
[] – Investigators are continuing their probe into the murder of 55 – year – old Donna Taylor who was found with her throat slit and hands bound and the injury of her UK based friend Samantha Sabat, who jumped from the window of a two storey house on Friday night (January 31) when persons invaded the lot 1617 Agricola property.

Sabat, a citizen of the United Kingdom was hospitalized after she was found lying in the yard unconscious with bruises about her body, particularly her head. Hospital officials have since confirmed that the woman has been discharged.

iNews was informed that following her discharge, the woman’s relatives accompanied her to the home where the incident occurred, collected a few belongs and disappeared.

Bertram Taylor, the husband of the dead woman told iNews on Saturday that he was anticipating the discharge of Sabat, whom he believes could bring closure to the unfortunate demise of his wife.

Bertrum Taylor
Bertrum Taylor

He said that the relatives of the young lady seemed shaken and were in a rush to have her move far away from the house where the incident occurred. He added that the move might have been an attempt to protect the woman and not necessarily to keep vital information regarding the incident secluded.

The man is pleading with the members of the public to come forward if they have any information with respect to what happened on Friday night.

Police confirmed that a woman has been arrested and is in police custody assisting with the investigations. This online media outlet through its own investigation later learned that the woman in police custody is a member of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), who over the last year shared a relationship with the dead woman’s son.

Reports indicate that the son in recent times have been trying to break off the relationship with the girl who has only been identified as ‘Abby’ to which she reacted repulsively.

The GDF rank was reportedly taken into police custody after police ranks invited them to the station for questioning after they observed that she had changed the pants which she was wearing earlier.

The spot where the dead woman was found
The spot where the dead woman was found

iNews was reliably informed that when questioned why she had changed the pants, she attempted to deny it, however when police visited her home in Agricola, the pants was found with what is believed to be blood stains. She is reportedly claiming it is paint.

The GDF Officer, according to relatives is now the main suspect in the murder.

Several efforts by iNews to make contact with the relatives of the UK citizen were unsuccessful. The woman reportedly traveled to Guyana to attend the funeral of her father who was buried two weeks ago.



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