AFC Councillor arrested following confrontation with Regional Chairman

AFC Councilor, Naithram speaking at the RDC meeting at Anna Regina on Tuesday.

Region Two Chairman Mr. Parmanand Persaud. - Copy[] – Alliance For Change (AFC) Region Two Councillor Mr. Naithram was arrested by police for disorderly behavior, which included pointing finger in the face of Region Two Chairman Parmanand Persaud after he attempted stop a picketing exercise by rice farmers in to the regional compound.

Persaud had warned Naithram about his aggressive behavior which occurred last Friday (March 7) at the start of the Regional Democratic Council meeting on Tuesday (March 11). The Chairman said the Councillor ran up the steps to the Regional Office and pointed his finger in his face saying “you…you…” after he said no farmer will be allowed to enter the regional compound with placards.

According to the Chairman, the AFC Councillor who was leading farmers in a protest for better prices for paddy had requested that the farmers attend a meeting with the General Secretary of the Rice Producers Association in the Regional Boardroom but was demanding that the farmers march with their placards into the compound and to the boardroom.

Persaud said it is illegal for farmers to enter the Government compound with placards and due to his objection, Naithram behaved in an aggressive and ridiculous manner, ran up the steps to the Regional office and pointed his finger in his face.

The Chairman said he immediately informed the Commander of the “G” Division about the Councillor’s behavior. Ranks were quickly dispatched to the scene and the he was taken to the station and detained for some time before being released.

AFC Councilor, Naithram speaking at the RDC meeting at Anna Regina on Tuesday.
AFC Councilor, Naithram speaking at the RDC meeting at Anna Regina on Tuesday.

Persaud told Councillors at today’s meeting that he is dissatisfied with the behavior of the AFC representative. He said Naithram has no respect for him, the RDC, Regional Administration or even the Boardroom where he sits for meeting every month to represent the public’s interest.

Persaud added that the aggressive behavior of the Councillor “who is said to be a so called leader of rice farmers” has left much to be desired of him and the Party he represents.

The AFC Councillor who rose to his feet to counter what the Chairman said was ordered to take his seat by the Regional Chairman after he accused the Chairman of lying. However he did not take his take his seat on the order and tried to raise his voice but the Chairman sternly warned him to sit again which he subsequently did.



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