9 months jail for man who stole doormats, laundry baskets

Devon Semple. [iNews' Photo]

Devon Semple. [iNews' Photo]
Devon Semple. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Thirty – five – year old Devon Semple has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment for stealing doormats and laundry baskets.

Semple, of Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, made his way before city Magistrate Annette Singh and pleaded guilty to both charges on Thursday, June 11.

It is alleged between June 6 and 7 at Regent Street, he stole six doormats together valued $12,500, property of Farzana Haniff.

The other charge stated between June 2 and 3 at Regent Street, he stole three laundry baskets to the value of $6,000, also belonging to Haniff.

Police Prosecutor, Adunni Innis informed Magistrate Singh that none of the items mentioned in the charges were recovered. Semple who was unrepresented during his arraignment, told the Magistrate that he only stole three laundry baskets. He told the court that he recently came out of jail as he begged for leniency.




  1. This poor guy should be given a license firearm, so when he shoot some innocent person he would be FREED of all charges,ZIP walk free for murder, what a joke to the justice system, grant was shooting on regent st and no .?? Asked, manu was judged by The maker. He got what was coming. Shults aka blondie also murder and walked out the joke courts free,,

  2. To whom it may concern.
    Please note below some important facts.

    The above mentioned items were stolen from my residence in Breda Street, Werk-en-Rust. And, also Devon Semple was sentenced to 9 months each for the 2 separate theft. So altogether its 18 months imprisonment. Which was out of sympathy from the Magistrate, originally he should have been sentenced to 18 months each. But because he pleaded guilty the Magistrate gave him half the time.

    p.s.. It was 6 mats and 3 umbrellas worth $12,500.

    Thank You.


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