5 suspected bandits arrested with gun, ammo


Five suspected bandits were arrested after they were caught with an illegal firearm and several matching rounds of ammunition in their possession.

The discovery and the arrests of the suspects were made at a residence in the Number 51 Village, Berbice, over the weekend.

It is believed that the men are believed to have been in the process of finalizing plans to execute a robbery.

Meanwhile, a businessman in his late 40s, who owns a Grocery and General Store in Rose Hall, Berbice, has also been arrested by the cops for being an accessory.

According to a source, the prominent businessman reportedly purchases stolen items from the men and then re-sell them in his store.

Reports are that police ranks received a tip-off and went to the house at No. 51 Village where the men were nabbed.

Each of the suspects is reportedly known to the police due to their involvement in several simple larceny and robberies along the Corentyne.

Investigations into the matter are currently ongoing.