3 -Y-O hospitalized after eating rat poison at Nursery School

The 3 - year - old child.

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

The 3 - year - old child.
The 3 – year – old child.

[www.inewsguyana.com] –A 3 – year – old girl has been admitted to a city hospital, after it is suspected she ate rat poison which was being shared by another student at the Roxanne Burnham Nursery school in Georgetown.

The child’s distraught mother, Sharmin Richardson related to reporters that she received a call from her daughter’s teacher who told her what occurred.

“The school called me and said my child had some communication with another child who shared rat poison to couple of the children in the class, and I took her to the hospital and they did some blood work and now they are keeping her under observation to see,” Richardson said.

The mother is unsure whether her daughter ingested the dangerous substance, since the confused child is relating different stories to them.

The mother accused the school of attempting to cover up the matter and expressed anger that the school has such dangerous substances around young children.



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