23-Y-0 woman brutally murdered in Essequibo; husband attempts suicide

Dead: Malanie Narine
Dead: Malinie Narine
Dead: Malinie Narine

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A 23 – year – old mother of Paradise Village, Essequibo Coast, was brutally murdered on Saturday afternoon (November 28) allegedly by her husband, after a heated quarrel.

According to reports, Malinie Narine was stabbed several times in her face, while Vishnu Narine slit her neck on a bed in the lower flat of their house.

iNews understands that the woman’s naked body was discovered on the bed, while the husband also slit his own throat. He was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

Murder suspect; Vishnu Narine
Murder suspect; Vishnu Narine

According to reports reaching iNews, the couple lived together for eight years at Red village, Onderneeming before moving to Paradise Village two months ago.

Family members of the woman recalled that the she suffered terribly at the hands of her husband, whom they described to be very jealous. Meanwhile, the husband’s relatives expressed shock at the incident..

The couple has a 3 – year – old son together.



  1. Roy like you born yesterday Indian men always beat their wife even when the PNC was in office to this day so wake up Roy you are still sleeping.

  2. DK lol your joking right in your statement ? Most Guyanese men still think it’s ok to beat his wife and even kill her. The PPP did nothing about it. Remember what your health minster said to the women who asked him a question about children(infant) death. this new government have been in power how long? When men are educated how to deal with women then things will change. Just my two cents.

  3. Just a reminder DK, cowards just like you, you should propose to Ramjit,,,he is haunting you life since he showed you and many like you that He is a GUYANESE not a RACIST,,,the minister is an example of the 6 races that live in Guyana,,unlike you your HATE is going to lead you in a very place like these heartless coward, poison,rope,gun,or you prefer rum till u die,,,explain if the government is responsible for you exposing your stupidity and hate,

  4. 23-Y-0 woman brutally murdered in Essequibo; husband attempts suicide
    Ramjhaat and PNC will stop murders will stop people from killing selves.
    Give them time. Remember the PNC and Ramjhaat and Naga promised Guyanese the PNC good life?


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