21-Y-O batters girlfriend, kills self after escaping police custody

Dead: Lorenzo James
Dead: Lorenzo James
Dead: Lorenzo James

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force has come in for scathing criticisms after a 21-year-old young man escaped police custody and later killed himself after beating his 16-year-old girlfriend.

Reports reaching iNews indicate that Lorenzo James – who sells grilled food on the Kitty Seawall with his family – committed suicide on December 26.

iNews understands that on the day in question, James had gone to the Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD) home of the young lady. After she opened the door for him, he began to assault her with a knife, while shouting that she should show respect for him and his family.

The girl was rescued from the blows and possible death by her mother who suspected something was amiss when she could not reach her daughter via the phone.

However, the controversy begins here as the woman attempted to solicit help from the police before proceeding home. However, the police reportedly instructed the woman to go to the home and if anything was wrong then she should contact them.

The woman managed to secure the aid of a taxi driver and together they managed to break the door where they saw James standing over the bloodied, naked teen with a knife.

James was restrained by the taxi driver and a neighbor, and later handed over to the police.

He escaped custody several hours after and drank a poisonous substance but not before penning a letter that he asked be delivered to the teenager.

The young lady who has been in a relationship with James for a number of years is reportedly still hospitalized.



  1. The police was too lazy to get off their behind and accompany the woman to the housr. Waste of space most of them are.

  2. Holy F$#K…Why would the police instructed the woman to go check on her daughter and “I assume” she would have told them what was happening.. What world are we living in!!!


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