18 –Y-O stabbed to death after leaving Mosque

Dead: Adonie Parbhoo
Dead: Adonie Parbhoo
Dead: Adonie Parbhoo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Eighteen – year – old Adonie Parbhoo of East La Penitence was last evening stabbed to death moments after leaving a mosque.

Information reaching iNews revealed that the young man, who worked as a miner in the interior, was attacked by three men. It is not immediately clear if robbery was the motive; however the young man’s mother believes that her son was targeted by known individuals.

She told iNews that her son came out of the interior in order to observe the holy month of Ramadan and to observe the ritual of ‘fasting.’

Police sources indicated that Parbhoo received at least one stab wound in the region of the chest. Police investigations continue.



  1. Innaillah inna rajaoon! From Allah we came ..to him we return.May Allah grant him jannah..Ameen!

  2. Very sad. What is really happening? Envy? Green? Has GY become lawless – no respect for individuals, law or order. Condolences to the family and friends of this young man.


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