18-Y-0 stabbed to death during robbery


crime[www.inewsguyana.com] – Eighteen – year – old Keith Daniels was stabbed to death this morning following a robbery on the Kitty Public road.

A police report noted that at about 01:50 hrs on Monday, June 08, Daniels of Public Road, Kitty, Georgetown, was walking along the road when he was confronted by three men, one of whom stabbed him to the chest and they escaped.

Daniels was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. No one has been arrested as yet and police investigations are in progress.



  1. Parents are the most important person in our youths life, they need to spend quality time nurturing and teaching them right from wrong and stop playing the blame game

  2. 23 yrs of nothing other than CRIME, now you asking for a miracle,,,what a foolish person, another question is minister Khemraj a cop? You ppl should start helping to do your part in crime prevention, stop blogging CRAP

  3. The escalation of crimes committed on and by young individuals should be looked at seriously.

    Suggestion: If young men and women are not in regular schools, college or engage in a trade school, it should be mandatory that they become involve in a cadet force for training in community services. This should be linked with the GDF or Police Force or training program. Training in: respect for each other, respect for property, they work in cleaning up of the neighborhoods and engagement the of trade or skill working with businesses and the engagement of schools teaching them English, math,or sciences, what ever their interest is. A stipend or a salary should be given to them. The training should be five years. If in the end after exemplary services they want to work for the GDF or Police Force they should be considered for employment. If they want to attend college they should be given a scholarship.
    The culture of criminality must be stopped and replaced by productive and good citizenry. All juvenile delinquents should be assigned to the cadet as a community service sentence, if the crimes committed are not serious.

  4. What happen Minister of Security the Honourable Mr. Khemraj ramjattan, these were the things of the past.


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