14 – Year – old runs away from home, mother pleads for her return

Missing: Shayans Freeman
Missing: Shayans Freeman

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Nicola Bollers is pleading with her teenage daughter to return home, without any fear.

According to Bollers, 14 year old Shayans Freeman of Agricola had an incident with her younger brother on Monday last and as a result, the young lady apparently became fearful of the consequences and decided to run off.

The mother related that this is however not the first time that her daughter has ran away from home.

Bollers related that she is a single mother of two and that the absence of the father has been adversely affecting her daughter.

The woman is now hoping to seek professional help for the teenager once she returns home. iNews understands that in the past few days, several friends have reported seeing Shayans at various locations to the mother.

Anyone who might be aware of Shaynas whereabouts is asked to contact the family on telephone number 233-0816.



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