14 – Y – O goes missing during outing at Splashmins Fun Park

Dead: 14 - year – old Dhaniram Ramgopaul, a.k.a ‘Ryan’.

By Tracey – Khan – Drakes

[www.inewsguyana.com] -The search by Police and relatives for 14-year-old Dhaniram Ramgopaul, a.k.a ‘Ryan’ of Good Hope, East Coast Demerara continues today (December, 29) after the teen went missing on Sunday afternoon during a family outing at the creek just outside of Splashmins.

Ramgopaul, a student of Apex Academy mysteriously disappeared at around 17:00 hrs yesterday. According to the teen’s mother, Jankie Seecharam her son came out of the water and left to visit the washroom and was never seen again.

She further explained that after 15 minutes had elapsed and there was no sign of the teenager, the family commenced a search at the fun park for about three hours; however their efforts proved futile.

The family subsequently made contact with the police who are assisting in locating the young man. The frustrated mother told iNews that she cannot fathom what has happened to her son since it is unlike him to just disappear. “I can’t say what really happen to him because he has no money on him no phone, no proper clothes on him,” the mother said.

She further noted that the Splashmin fun park has been closed off while the search continues.  She described her son as a strong swimmer.

Anyone with information as it relates to the missing teen can contact the nearest police station of contact his mother on telephone numbers 673 4686/6164151.



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