13-Y-0 gives birth to twins at Suddie Hospital


pregnant-woman-in-hospital[www.inewsguyana.com] – A 13 – year – old student of Wakapoa, in the Lower Pomeroon River, has given birth to twins at the Suddie Hospital at the weekend.

According to reports, the student who attends a primary school in the community, was rushed to the Charity Hospital but transferred to the Suddie Hospital on Friday, April 17 where she gave birth.

iNews understands that the babies are being kept in an incubator at the hospital. Reports indicate that the pregnancy of the young girl was brought to light after she reported to her Class Teacher that she felt “something in her belly” while at school.

According to reports, the child was taken to a health center where it was revealed that she was pregnant. iNews understands that the teenager was left to fend for herself and younger siblings after her parents were remanded to prison in connection with the offence of murder.

The teenager remains hospitalized at the Suddie health institution.



  1. That is so sad….I hope they find the perpetrator because that what he is….he has committed a crime…….I personally believe and hope that someone was indeed in charge of the children….just that they weren’t doing their job or they may be responsible for the child’s situation….wish I was there to help that little girl and her children and siblings…..

  2. This is inhumane, you get charge for leaving children unattended, these children should have been placed witb a relative or in a foster home. Children cant raise children, someone took advantage of this little girl. They need to be caught and jailed.

  3. Why there is no outrage from the ppl or any concerned entity or social services. The government failed these kids. Find the sucker and lock his ass up. This day and age they have no service in place for situations like this. Vote th out.

  4. only in america eh? bone head..if both parents commit murder..u bet in america they both go to jail and the kids will be with welfare offic until foster care..listen up bone head u r no an expert on america laws so shut it while u can

  5. So sad, why did they jailed the kids parents, and leave kids to take care of kids, in American that does not happen, one parent go to jail and the other take care of the kids, the government is to be blamed for that child dealema.

  6. …….. And where’s the social worker? How can the authorities lock up the parents and leave children to fend for themselves? What a society…..

  7. Omg… This is so damn sad. Where are the responsible adults caring for this child? Who is the sick bastard responsible for this?


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