Youman Nabi greetings


you_man_nabi[] – Several political parties and civil society groups have extended Youman Nabi Greetings , calling for the principles of the holy holiday to be applied to the lives of all Guyanese.

I a release, First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar said it was time for Guyanese to distill the treasures of the truly exemplary life of the Holy Prophet so that the world can be a better place.

She said “On this the occasion of Youman Nabi 2015, it is my privilege and pleasure to extend heartfelt greetings to all Guyanese but especially to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters who are today paying tribute to the life and works ofthe Holy Prophet. I want to join with them in honoring the Holy Prophet whose life was dedicated to the service of others and to the spread and deepening of the Islamic faith.”

She added “We here in Guyana have been spared the misfortunes and tragedies that have visited many other countries afflicted by the scourges of religious conflict. And I believe that contributing to this internal religious harmony in our country is that fact that there exists a high degree of religious tolerance and understanding amongst our peoples. This has allowed multiculturalism to flourish in our society. As we value this multiculturalism, let us appreciate the important role that understanding amongst peoples of all faiths has played in creating and promoting religious harmony in our country.”

Meanwhile, a release from the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) recognized that followers of Islam were present in this country since the days of slavery, as many of the enslaved Africans were Muslims.

The IAC also recognised that new influxs of Muslims to this occurred during the period of indentureship, as approximately one out of every five East Indian immigrants was a follower of the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Whom Peace Be Upon).

To this end, the IAC called upon all Guyanese to remember the moral pathways outlined by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Whom Peace Be Upon) in which he called upon all mankind to the way of peace and to the belief in supreme being, and thus reminded them of the importance of principles such as faith, repentance, honesty, simplicity, equality and concerned for the dispossessed and the poor.

Also, the People’s National Congress Reform says it takes particular note of the fact that the Holy Prophet Muhammed has left a legacy of a religion that is universal in scope and purpose, which promotes an end to human suffering, disease and poverty. “More particularly this legacy is consistent with the promotion of peace and harmony in our country and the rest of the world.”

“The PNCR, therefore, wishes to suggest to the nation that as we reflect on the significance of the birth of the Holy Prophet we take to heart the message and lessons of the doctrines of this great religion and use them as important instruments for improving our society in such a way that we can begin to see the end of the vicious cycle of violence and witness the creations of conditions for racial harmony, peace and the real development in Guyana.”




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