Police vow strict law enforcement for Phagwah, Easter celebrations


As Guyanese celebrate Phagwah today and as they prepare for the upcoming Easter festivities, the Guyana Police Force has announced stringent enforcement measures to ensure public safety during these joyous occasions.

Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh, the traffic chief, emphasised the need for heightened vigilance, particularly in densely populated areas where celebrations are set to take place.

“Those postures will seek to enable an environment that is supportive of the celebration. One which takes into consideration the movement of people in vehicles and on foot. Guidance will be provided as far as possible,” stated Singh, outlining the Force’s strategy to facilitate safe revelry.

Inspector Gavin Boyce, responsible for traffic operations in Regional Division 4A (Georgetown), detailed plans to address specific challenges associated with Phagwah.

“We will be where the large gatherings will be. Mainly Albouystown, Prashad Nagar, and other areas,” he affirmed, highlighting proactive measures to curb motorcycle-related incidents and crowd congestion.

As Easter approaches, Inspector Boyce underscored the importance of pre-emptive action, particularly regarding road safety on popular kite-flying days.

“Some persons might take their children out the day before Easter, which is Easter Sunday, mainly seawall roads. We will be closing those roads to vehicular traffic to prevent persons who may [fly kites] and [run] to avoid them being struck,” he explained.

Echoing these sentiments, Inspector Michael Ramdass of Regional Division 4B (East Bank Demerara) emphasised responsible behaviour during festivities.

“We are asking persons not to play Phagwah with persons who do not want to play Phagwah, because that can cause unnecessary conflict,” he cautioned, urging restraint and respect for others’ preferences.

Assistant Superintendent Maniram Jagnanan, who oversees traffic operations in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara), highlighted anticipated events in his district, emphasising the need for sober driving amid celebrations.

“We are appealing to the travelling public, that if you know you have to consume alcohol and you want to drive, not to do that,” he urged, advocating for designated drivers or alternative transportation options.

As communities gear up for Phagwah and Easter festivities, the Guyana Police Force said it remained steadfast in its commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable celebration for all. The said vigilance, responsible behaviour, and cooperation with law enforcement are key to fostering a festive atmosphere while prioritising public safety.