Yachts arrive in Guyana for second Nereid’s Yachting Rally


yachts[] –  With more than seven yachts already in Guyana and an estimated 12 to participate in the second Nereid’s Yachting Rally hosted by Guyana, Suriname and Saint Laurent, French Guiana, this event promises to be yet another success, paving the way for tremendous opportunities in the local tourism industry.

During an interview with the media yesterday, Guyana Tourism Authority’s (GTA) Director, Indranauth Haralsingh said that Guyana has remarkable opportunities for yachting, not only for its scenic beauty, but a very competitive market in terms of clearance, entry procedures and fees.

In September 2013, about 25 yachts sailed into the Essequibo River in the first Nereid’s Yachting Rally.

The Caribbean is the number one cruise market in the world, and Guyana is considered a safe haven for yachts. Essequibo is the third largest river in South America and with Guyana being south of Trinidad and out of the hurricane zone, it is a safe haven for yachting.

Haralsingh said that yachting presents numerous opportunities for investors to spend on either marinas, or boat or dock yards.

“You can imagine the number of jobs that can be created; this can lead to a lot of investments, attracting foreign currency and eventually attracting thousands of yachts to Guyana and then persons storing their yachts can come and sail off from here to elsewhere in the Caribbean,” Haralsingh further noted.

As part of the Nereid’s Yachting Rally, there will be a reception on Thursday for the yachters, followed by a beach party on Sunday at the Hurakabra Resort at a cost of US $75, US$60 and US$35. This includes lunch and transportation and tickets can be uplifted at the Ministry of Tourism, Oasis Café and Nigel’s Supermarket.

The beach party is also part of the wider activities organised by the Tourism Ministry in the Essequibo region, complementing Leguan and Wakenaam nites.

Activities include beach volley ball, lime and spoon race, watermelon competition and a tour to the mega yacht among others.





  1. YES…Guyana IS a “Safe Haven for Yachts”…away from any possible hurricane. But…Yes, there is a very BIG “BUT”…and that “but” is, “Is Guyana a safe haven from the Bandits and Pirates?” Anyway, best wishes for a successful Nereid Yachting Rally, 2014. Be safe.

    BTW, is how come all yoh get fo’ get de Essequibo waters lookin’ blue?


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