160 Amerindian Communities to tap into US$6.3M GRIF fund


Amerindian community Inews Guyana [www.inewsguyana.com] – Some 160 Amerindian communities are set to benefit from the release of US$6.3 million under Phase 2 of the Amerindian Development Fund (ADF) though funding under the Guyana Redd+ investment Fund (GRIF) project.

This was recently approved by Cabinet, according to Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon. The funds will be used to enhance their socio-economic well being via various Community Development Plans (CDPs), he said.

“This Phase 2 follows phase 1 Pilot Programme whose successful completion in 27 Amerindian communities essentially paved the way for   Phase 2,” he stated.

The ADF was established to provide funding to support the socio-economic development of Amerindian communities and villages, through the implementation of their CDPs which were identified and developed by the Amerindian Villages themselves.  The CDP must be approved by the villages’ residents.

The proposed projects vary in nature but can be categorised into the following broad sectors: Agriculture including processing, Village Infrastructure, Tourism, Manufacturing, Village Business Enterprise, and Transportation.

The ADF was set up to provide financing to support the socio-economic development of Amerindian communities and villages, through the implementation of CDPs.

Agreements were signed with all 27 communities/villages in Phase 1 of the project and funds to the value of $5M disbursed to commence the implementation of their CDPs. The following 27 communities were the pilot CDPs.

Region One: Barabina (Poultry Rearing), Baramita (Village Shop), Hobodeia (Ginger Project), Kamwatta (Hassar Rearing), Four Miles (Apiary), Manawarin (Agriculture), Three Brothers (Hassar Rearing) and  Waikarebi (Logging)

Region Two: Bethany (Agriculture)

Region Three: Santa Aratack (Eco-tourism- Guest House & Restaurant Facility)

Region Four: St. Cuthbert’s Mission (Eco tourism)

Region Five: Moraikobai (Multi-Purpose Building)

Region Six: Siparuta (Furniture Manufacturing)

Region Seven: Karrau (Village Shop),  Itabac (Village Farm), Paruima (Agriculture)

Region Eight: Kurukubaru (Cattle Rearing), Monkey Mountain & Karisparu     

Region Nine: Annai Central (Agriculture), Bashaizon (Cattle Rearing), Massara (Agriculture),         

Parikwaranau (Agriculture),  Rupertee (Agriculture), Rupunau, Yurong Paru (Agriculture),Sand Hill (Cash crop farm)                       

On September 6, the first CDP was commissioned in Santa Aratack, in the Demerara River. The ‘Santac Travel and Tours’ is a community based approach to cultural and heritage tourism.  The concept is to promote and preserve indigenous knowledge and skill through interpretation, providing an alternate mean of livelihood and professional development.

This new project will provide tour packages, tour guides, destination management natural resources management and training.

[Extracted and modified from GINA] 


  1. Just observe those lofty mountains in the background….that’s why I sometimes get livid when I hear people – especially top people – say that “Guyana is below sea level”.


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