“Who is next?” – PSC decries crime situation

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By Jomo Paul

PSC Chairman, Norman McLean (center) flanked by other PSC officials during the press conference. [iNews' Photo]
PSC Chairman, Norman McLean (center) flanked by other PSC officials during the press conference. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Despite repeated statements from police and Government officials that the crime situation is under control, Guyana’s Private Sector Commission (PSC) has a different view on the situation.

PSC Chairman, Norman McLean on Friday, November 20 presented a document detailing several steps that can be taken by the police to curtail the crime situation.

He told a news conference that despite the police figures, the Commission is concerned about the obvious “hype in crime.”

“The PSC is greatly concerned over what we perceive as the hype in crimes and we are left to wonder who is next. Crimes of violence are being conducted with impunity and little regard for life and no respect or fear of the police and the consequence of their action,” said McLean.

He said that recent attacks by the criminals in Guyana are a clear indication that the criminals no longer fear the authorities.

“I think it amounts to sending a message to everyone that we can do what we like – no fear.”

McLean, a former member of the disciplined services, is adamant that while he does not expect the Guyana Police Force to adopt the strategies presented in the document in wholesale format, they should at least consider it.

“We cannot expect it to be adopted wholesale but it should be discussed, debated and considered by the police,” said the Major General retired.

He stated that while the statistics may show a decline in crime, Guyanese people and the business community are terrified and something must be done to properly arrest the situation.

McLean underscored that his comments in no way are a challenge to statements made by the Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum.

“The police have had some outstanding success in detection and we must congratulate them on those successes but people are fearful for their lives and would wish to see prevention rather than cure,” said the PSC Chairman.



  1. He was there when the GDf and GPF degread by the PPP why he did not present this to them. He is a soup drinker he is looking out for no one else but him we do agree there is need for adjustment it would be there much sooner than later.

  2. Establishment of a crime fighting campaign is urgently needed in Guyana and must be carried out in every region. The first step will be to get rid of every rogue police officer, address the drug problem, create jobs, and establish crime prevention programs. In this case, there is nothing wrong with encouraging neighbors and family members to become informants and pay them if their information is accurate, and allows the police to prevent a crime rather than wait until one is committed. Crime prevention campaigns will work if the general public becomes engaged. These criminals must also be sentenced to hard labor and not simply jailed, receive their three meals and act as if they are in a hotel. At the rate at which crime is committed in Guyana I am tempted to recommend bringing back whipping them with the cat o nine tail. That for sure would be a deterrent.

  3. Why the head of state is not concerned about the safety of the citizens? He is not seeing anything wrong with killings and armed robbery. He. Just wants to play politics and rubbished the advice from ex president. Why he cannot express his views? He is a Guyanese citizen, now we have PSC and many more whose voice will never be heard but definitely matters.

  4. The Guyana Defence Force emerges as the most viable option for the government to utilize in the fight to stem the rising tide of crime.
    No, not as part of a Joint Services exercise to police communities, but as a source of employment with opportunities to develop or acquire skills needed for nation-building. Revive and expand the Army Engineering Corp to train youths in skills development, and pay them to engage in various projects that would normally be awarded to contractors.
    A bridge or school or health facility that needs to be built should see the army engineering corp in the running for being awarded at least a few of them. If there are floods, the army engineering corp can step up.
    The army’s budget will be bigger, but it will be an investment in our youths who are serving Jin the army.

  5. “recent attacks by the criminals in Guyana are a clear indication that the criminals no longer fear the authorities”.

    Because the police are involved with the criminal enterprise in the country!

  6. It will do well if the police department heed the concerns of the public. Perception is reality to observer, if half the news on the media outlets in Guyana is about criminal activities around the nation, then people would be rightfully concerned about crime in the country.
    Police Chief, it doesn’t matter if you have a slight decease in crime this year, it is still a problem. I am concerned and so are many others who would like to visit the country and many who live there as well. WE SEE IT AS A PROBLEM!

  7. Raise Police salary from the bottom 100 %. Outlaw all forms of Bribe taking. Grant police with 10 years ”unblemished service” ( check their records”…. a House lot. Give them a quota for ”traffic offence” brought in.


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