What is the PPP running from? Rohee defends President’s decision to prorogue Parliament

PPP Member, Zulfikar Mustapha and General Secretary, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]


By Fareeza Haniff

PPP Member, Zulfikar Mustapha and General Secretary, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
PPP Member, Zulfikar Mustapha and General Secretary, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee has defended President Donald Ramotar’s decision to prorogue Parliament, noting that the PPP is not “running from anything.”

Some sections of society believe that the governing Party is staving off facing the No Confidence Motion brought against the Administration by the Alliance For Change (AFC); however Rohee debunked those claims at a press conference today, Monday November 10.

“We are not known for running for anything. Instead of running from, we run for. We don’t run from, we run for and we run with. ‘For’ meaning we run for election, we run to win elections and we run with the people. It’s not a question of what you’re running from, it’s what you’re running towards,” he said in response to a question.

The combined Opposition had signaled its intention to amend the Standing Orders of the National Assembly so that the Motion can be given precedence over any other business of the House; however Rohee believes that this is a “reckless” move.

“We know it is inevitable that the No Confidence Motion will pass. With the passage of the No Confidence Motion, it automatically means that the House will dissolve and elections will be called in three months, that is what we’re faced with….With prorogation, the Parliament remains live and can be called,” Rohee told reporters.

He does not believe that government needs to use the Motion to defend its 22 years in Office.

“We’ve been defending our time in government every day. 365 days a year, with the exception of a leap year, we’re out there defending the government. We don’t have to wait on the blessings of No Confidence Motion to defend ourselves,” Rohee said.

He also rejected reports that the Party has been consistently losing votes since the 1992 General and Regional elections.



  1. Gentlemen/Lady why all this anger? If you want a new Govt, make that change at the next schedule polls (election). If you want to what the opposition wants right now, then simply go and ask how you can support? Or better yet watch their actions?

    Guyana is at a cross road right now. The path you want to take it lies in your hands and the decision you make now. So make it, but think wisely.

  2. mouse R U inteligent enough to have a convo with U? Really? U have to look back to keep going forward..If people dont remind U for Bornum and PNC sordid past atrocities on Guyana then U R bound to do it all over again and then say “did i do dat” U R Nothing but gutter when it comes to your gutter PNC ent ya? De truth be told no matter how it hurt you and shame you. it will bring U out de gutter

  3. Gray for 28 years education was free, but you were not in school so you did not get it, water was running true the taps in every home 4stories high, the city was very clean, but you were living in your shack lost in the country so sad for you and you lost wishes. Your criminal Pocket picking party /C we all got it and many of your kind got the free bees and run to the USA, and canada but you have only one place to go FREDOM HOUSE, the cup full but it will be empty very soon ,

  4. PPP is not running from anything, Ramotar, plans to remain President for life. Any fool can read the writing on the wall.

  5. andrew live salt or pat salt the truth does really hurt yall guts and bring yall out from uner yall slime rocks..glad i can do this to yall once in a while so u c all can breath fresh pppc air and not the pnc foul air yall accustomed to..u r most welcome. you and them are the biggest racist ever..its easy to point yall out..yall want rule guyana because yall dont want indians to..its a simple matter for yall racists.burnum rule no one hear from yall..ent dat the fact racist?

  6. Gary it is rather unfortunate that you chose to sink into the gutter rather than to proffer and intelligent discussion on the current state and likely future of Guyana. Perhaps it’s your similarity to Rohee that limits such discourse. Hope you enjoy your environment. Keep looking back, you’ll miss the beauty that lies in front of you.

  7. Mouse..For 28 years what has your pnc done for guyana and guyanese masses other than give them swell bellies and berry berry white yaaz mouths???

  8. dead tips…black is black is black u dimwit moron..u had your founding father raping you..you were eating from bourday garbage heap…yea you black of color were not indians..keep your racists rants to your family king moron..u love your founding father borhum for life..no matter what he done you is kit n kin eh ..glad to see you know de apan jaat ting..indians teacing you not blacks..

  9. In all my life of living and dealing with the politics of Guyana, the current Minister of Home Affairs is the most intellectually deficient we have ever been forced to tolerate. The news release above is just another glaring example of such deficiency. First he is reported as saying ….”the PPP is not “running from anything.” Then later on he is quoted as follows..,“We are not known for running for anything………….” this is a rather telling commentary on his part. I dare say it explains why Guyana is in the current state we find it today.
    The quote further states ……..”Instead of running from, we run for. We don’t run from, we run for and we run with. ‘For’ meaning we run for election, we run to win elections and we run with the people. It’s not a question of what you’re running from, it’s what you’re running towards,” I refuse to dissect his comments any further.

    Needless to say, the question that should be foremost on the minds of all Guyanese, and I mean ALL Nationalist minded Guyanese, is, what has the government of the day done for Guyana? Not just for a few Guyanese. The City we once called the Garden City is nothing more than the Garbage City, The Bridge over the Demerara River left to decay because it was built by the Burnham PNC government. The people up the Berbice River have no reliable transportation. Villages in the Corentyne that had no light in 1992 have no lights in 2014. The list could go on forever. Instead of working to develop the country for all Guyanese it seems like the agenda was and still is to undo what was done by the Burnham government.

    Instead of running to win elections just to hold on to the reins of power, the government should be LEADING the people and MANAGING the affairs of the people. Clearly, there is no LEADERSHIP, and no MANAGEMENT of the people’s affairs in the interest of the people. With people like Rohee in government, Guyana’s future is very bleak. Guyana is a land of many people. Unless we drop the prefix and be just GUYANESE there is little hope for us. May God help us all.

  10. Gray you are the worst type of moron. Black is a colour. Indian is a quasi-ethnic group. Get your racist nomenclature right before putting your filth up. What we have now is a President who has demolished the Legislature in this tri-cameral assembly after the will of the people refused to give the government a majority. This is morally reprehensible for a party that wants to lay claim to restoring democracy in Gy to do. The people should not accept it and should remove nit be whatever means. I wonder if you were in all the pure ‘indian’ etyrritories where such struggles have/are taking place whether you would use these apan jhatt terms.

  11. Wish, wish,wish, and more wish. you just can’t wish the PPP away, they were voted into office, not wished into office. you guys have been calling for poll, you want poll, well you will get what you have been asking for, not what you wish for. now take what you get and wait for what you wish.

  12. All the big talk ” if the opposition has testicular capacity to bring on the NCV” shows the extent to which the PPP/C can bluff. They have reached a stage now where fear is taking a natural toll on their life span. Six months more and good- bye.

  13. AFC want new elections.
    AFC will get new election.
    Simple as that.
    AFC knows its a done/ finish/ also ran political party.
    AFC proved to be a racist political party from day one.
    East Indian woman Gomattie Singh was ditched by the AFC black leader Trotman in favor of a black woman Chantal Smith. East Indians in AFC remaimed silent.
    The blacks in AFC wanted black Trotman to lead second time around throwing agreement of rotation out the window with East Indian Ramjatan until they were rated out.
    Black Nigel Hughes of AFC unleashed black thugs on East Indians on Agricola public road beating them robbing them sexually molesting them while East Indians in AFC remained silent.
    End of the road for AFC both the blacks and Indians mostly the two big Indians in AFC Ramjattan and Nagamoottoo who might in the end hang themselves in shame for trying to Install PNC to rule over Guyanese again.


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