Angry protesters tear down police barriers outside Parliament

Some of the protesters. [iNews' Photo]


Security officials locked the gate of the Parliament building in light of the protest outside. [iNews' Photo]
Security officials locked the gate of the Parliament building in light of the protest outside. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Protesters outside Parliament building have taken their action to another level by breaking the Police barriers, moments after the President’s address to the nation in relation to his decision to prorogue Parliament.

This protest was planned even before President Donald Ramotar announced his decision today, Monday November 10 to prorogue Parliament. His decision has obviously upset the protestors who are accusing the People’s Progressive Party government of being a dictatorship.

iNews understands that the Parliament gate is now closed and Leader of the Opposition, David Granger is in a meeting inside the building.

Some of the protesters. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the protesters. [iNews’ Photo]
iNews’ Corporate Communications Officer, Tracey Khan Drakes is at the scene outside Parliament and will provide more details shortly.



  1. Your sounding very racial and bias… just recently citizens of brazil were protecting..Granger, and that is the correct spelling did not lead anyone to protect…..stop painting that picture you should be more concern about the millions of dollar Norway is giving us…. and what is it doing to help citizen they claiming the money finish on we care……

  2. Its really shameful to see that you as Guyanese can’t seem to get away from pettiness and see the seriousness of the matter. I am not Guyanese but lived there for several years and i believe that you people are so complacent with your country. a country with so much potential and you as people either leave or accept the nonsense that is pushed down your throat. This is not about the opposition or party politics. at this stage this about you as people not being a chance to have a say. Being shut up. The beginning of a very bleak future. When will you stand up for your country and see beyond the race frivolities that perpetuate this nonsense. It’s time to be patriotic for once and not use the usual phrase “is Guyana”.

  3. This for Jai, are you a jack ass or a moron, people protest for injustices all over the world, quite recently, the Brazilians were protesting against the elected President for corruption, and, what the do-nothing President did was undemocratic, because they do not want to face the NCM, every long rope has end, in our life, is just temporally.

  4. Burning the country, what bull shit are you saying, its the building and ppl who work hard to get them ,that is some of them , you are not on any track. This will not be the answer to any problem solving in Guyana, what you protesters need to do is take the protest to PRADO VILL and at the big house barrat build, and to all the places them living and not do the poor ppl that in the same boat like so many guyanese, everybody know wha the crooks living go at them, the way to choke a dog is not with a rope, so chose the right path regent street and all the foolish crap that happen in the past protest did not solve anything other than criminals stealing,raping the poor tackle the reason you protest for

  5. Please do video tape because no one will care when there is nothing to care about. All of you will hightail and run like you always do, cowards. Stay and face the music.

  6. Nothing worth fighting for comes without struggle. We will continue to prayers. Prayer Warriors I know you are out in full force. Strategy Mr. Granger ability to be calm and to clam others will allow him to diplomatically win this was. You just watch and see.

  7. sim..what the goverment is doing is it constitutional or not? if it is then shup your piehole up and find a better way not to look like the joker you are

  8. for all those of you who are ready to blame protesters for the sins of the kleptocratic government which you support it is time you remember when the same protesters fought a government of their ilk to democratise this nation and the ppp became the beneficiary … it is your turn to join the struggle and say to your ppp party that the voices of the people must be heard through their elected representatives in parliament otherwise let the country burn

  9. Protest again! nothing better is expected from AFC/PNC. I say let’s wait,watch, and see if they have change in any way. I am very confident that the security force will do a better job this time. we will be doing a lot of video taping this time around. we must be very vigilant. they are known for their slow fire more fire.

  10. I don’t know where our country is heading, it surely looks bleak but I know God is in the midst and He is just in time… Able to deliver..Please Lord, help us in this time of dire needs..Thank You. Amen!

  11. see how grainger is not to be trusted..he wont mind if a few of his green -shirt thugs gets killed…more political miles for him so he ca suck and bleed those gullible ncites..

  12. Lets see now how police will react to this blatant planned confrontation.
    Hopefully Ramjattan and Nagamoottoo will be on the front line..


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